Infographic: Top 10 Semiconductor Sales (1H 2016)

September 13, 2016, anysilicon


An infographics that shows the 10 top semiconductor companies sales in 1H of 2016. Please find a larger version of the inforgraphic here.

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What is Semiconductors 3.0?

September 12, 2016, anysilicon

Man of Science series. Abstract design made of human head, numbers and visual elements on the subject of human mind, modern technology, education and science

I am sick and tired to hear the same buzzwords a zillion times every single day. IoT, Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart-whatever (from objects to cities and pretty soon toilet paper, I’m afraid). What really makes me sick is that these buzzwords are used,

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Ridgetop Group and BaySand Partner to Expand Mixed-Signal IP Portfolio

September 09, 2016, anysilicon


Ridgetop Group, Inc. and Silicon Valley-based BaySand Inc., the leader in application configurable application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), today announced they will work cooperatively to develop a series of new applications to increase their existing mixed-signal intellectual property core (IP) portfolios.
Through a wide-ranging partnership, they also will offer

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Unveils 12nm FD-SOI Process Node

September 09, 2016, anysilicon

Silicone wafers in a carrier

GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced a new 12nm FD-SOI semiconductor technology mode, extending its leadership position by offering the industry’s first multi-node FD-SOI roadmap. Building on the success of its 22FDXTM offering, the company’s next-generation 12FDXTM platform is designed to enable the intelligent systems of tomorrow across a range of applications, from mobile

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IoT Semiconductor Market will reach $29.6B in 2019

September 07, 2016, anysilicon

Market Research

Global growth in the number of “things” connected to the Internet continues to significantly outpace the addition of human users to the World Wide Web.  New connections to the “Internet of Things” are now increasing by more than 6x the number of people being added to the “Internet of Humans”

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Thinner wafers are fostering the growth & emergence of new dicing technologies

September 05, 2016, anysilicon


Driven by rising demand for thinner wafers and stronger die, dicing technology is evolving. “Reaching more than US$100 million in 2015, the dicing equipment market will double by 2020-2021”, announces Yole Développement (Yole)(Source: Thin Wafer Processing & Dicing Equipment Market report, Yole Développement, May 2016). Yet at the same time

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