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FPGA vs ASIC, What to Choose?

January 30, 2016, anysilicon

FPGA vs ASIC feature image

This is a high level article for those who are debating whether to use FPGAs or ASICs and need some technical and commercial insight to help ease the decision process. Both technologies, ASICs and FPGAs are absolutely fantastic and have great benefits but it’s up to you to figure out,

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Low-Power SoC Design Integration Issues

November 06, 2015, anysilicon

lo power

As technology evolves, more functionality is being added on SOCs. At same time, pressure is building up to reduce operating and standby power. Today the market is focused on reducing power in wide spectrum of SOCs from CPUs, GPUs and Mobile not just IOT/wearable SOCs. Battery powered SOCs require

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DARPA is set to revolutionize ASIC design

September 09, 2015, anysilicon


Thanks to the $30 million investment made through government funding, the American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is set to start a new program that will enable a significant cut down of costs for custom integrated circuits for specific tasks (ASIC).
The revolutionizing program will be called CRAFT

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Semiconductors Could Revolutionize Food Preperation

July 08, 2015, anysilicon

freescale microwave

There are many methods employed in food preparations right from the Stone Age up till date, these methods have been increasingly evolving and getting better with time.
Food preparations started from burying food in the ground for the heat to cook it up, this goes on till the invention

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Demystifying Analog & Mixed-Signal ASICs

May 12, 2015, anysilicon


Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASICs, typically conjure up the notion of massively complex logic chips containing tens or hundreds of thousands (even millions) of transistors configured to solve a customer’s unique set of problems. Unlike multi-function standard product ICs such as a micro-controller that can find its way into

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Write for AnySilicon

May 08, 2015, anysilicon


AnySilicon is operating a truly unbiased semiconductor blog focused on ASIC design and manufacturing topics. We welcome individuals and companies to take part in our knowledge ecosystem and submit technical or marketing articles in the following areas:

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