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Understanding Custom Chip Design Economics For IoT And Industry 4.0

February 07, 2018, anysilicon

Examining a microchip

espite consumer media highlighting some of the more ludicrous “innovations” of the Internet of Things (IoT), including wirelessly connected toothbrushes and cocktail stirrers, the industrial market is forecast to be the largest adopter of the IoT “connected” phenomenon. Germany’s Industry 4.0 initiative is an influential driver in the manufacturing sector,

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Sankalp Semiconductor opens a New Design Center in Ahmedabad

February 05, 2018, anysilicon


Sankalp Semiconductor, a design service company offering comprehensive digital & mixed signal SoC services and solutions, today announced opening of a new design center in Ahmedabad. The company already has three design centers in India (Hubli, Kolkata and Bangalore). Sankalp Semiconductor has executed multitude of complex digital and mixed signal

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CEO Talk: JVD Analog ASIC Semiconductors

January 22, 2018, anysilicon

bob JVD

This interview took place with Bob Frostholm, VP Marketing & Sales at JVD Analog ASIC Semiconductors.

Tell me a bit about your background?
I’ve held Sales, Marketing and CEO roles at established and startup Analog Semiconductor Companies for more than 45 years. I was one of the original marketers

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CEO Talk: Adam Vishinsky, Rivlan, Inc.

January 15, 2018, anysilicon

rivlan feature

Tell me a bit about your background?
I’ve got over 20 years of experience in IC design.  After completing my PhD in Electrical Engineering at PSU in 1995 I started my job at Texas Instruments in Dallas in their Hard-Disk electronic group.  Then I moved to Cirrus

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Incise announces the appointment of T2M for global marketing, representation & business development

January 12, 2018, anysilicon


Incise Infotech, a major Indian Semiconductor technology service provider, has signed a commercial marketing agreement with T2M, the world’s largest independent global semiconductor technology provider. Under the terms of the agreement, T2M will act as a global business development partner for Incise Infotech’s semiconductor solutions and services.
Incise has

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Find the right SoC Design Service provider for your project

January 12, 2018, anysilicon

How many SoC design service providers are typically included in a shortlist when launching a project?
We’d argue that too few.
There are over 300 SoC design service providers worldwide that provide a range of services in different domains– SoC design for automotive, industrial, IoT, consumer, mobile, communication and

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