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What is Semiconductors 3.0?

September 12, 2016, anysilicon

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I am sick and tired to hear the same buzzwords a zillion times every single day. IoT, Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart-whatever (from objects to cities and pretty soon toilet paper, I’m afraid). What really makes me sick is that these buzzwords are used,

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IoT Semiconductor Market will reach $29.6B in 2019

September 07, 2016, anysilicon

Market Research

Global growth in the number of “things” connected to the Internet continues to significantly outpace the addition of human users to the World Wide Web.  New connections to the “Internet of Things” are now increasing by more than 6x the number of people being added to the “Internet of Humans”

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Investment: Fabless Company Acconeer Secures $7.2M

August 29, 2016, anysilicon


Acconeer AB, a leading innovation company in the area of mobile sensors, announces that ithas closed a SEK 60 million ($7.2M) investment round. The new capital will be used to fund the completion of Acconeer’s 3D sensor A1 for commercial launch and mass production, which is planned for early 2017.
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AnySilicon Introduces “AnySilicon Masters” — Engineers Helping Fellow Engineers

August 23, 2016, anysilicon

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AnySilicon operates a Q&A forum that is focused on ASIC design and production topics. If you are a semiconductor professional that enjoys spreading knowledge and experience with others — then AnySilicon Masters is the place for you.
Apply for AnySilicon Masters
AnySilicon Masters is a groups of selected

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Top 20 Semiconductor Companies 1H 2016

August 16, 2016, anysilicon

Market Research

IC Insights will release its August Update to the 2016 McClean Report later this month.  This Update includes an update of the semiconductor industry capital spending forecast, an analysis of the IC foundry industry, and a look at the top-25 semiconductor suppliers for 1H16, including a forecast for the full

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IC Insights Lowers 2016 Semiconductor Market Forecast to -1%

July 13, 2016, anysilicon


The health of the semiconductor industry is increasingly tied to the health of the worldwide economy. Rarely can there be strong semiconductor market growth without at least “good” worldwide economic growth to support it. Consequently, IC Insights expects annual global semiconductor market growth rates to continue to closely track the performance

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