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Leading Edge Leads the Way in Pure-Play Foundry Growth

October 09, 2015, anysilicon

Market Research

ICs built using <40nm technology forecast to account for all of the pure-play foundry sales growth in 2015.
The total pure-play foundry market is forecast to grow 6.1% to $44.9 billion in 2015.  The entire increase in pure-play foundry sales is forecast to be due to sales of devices

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Downsizing in Germany

October 06, 2015, anysilicon


GlobalFoundries is downsizing at its semiconductor plant in Germany by 20 percent, according to several newspapers in Germany.
GlobalFoundries has factories in Germany, Singapore and the USA. The “Fab 1” in Dresden is one of the largest private employer in the city. The plant is equipped with a clean room

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Flip Chip Technology & Market Trends

October 04, 2015, anysilicon


Flip Chip technology is expected to reach $25 billion market value and wafer demand of 32 million (12”eq.wafers) in 2020, supported by the wider adoption of Cu pillar technology. That growth will be led by Moore’s law pushing beyond the 28nm node and ‘More than Moore’ evolution in next generation

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Financial Obstacles Delaying 450mm Wafers Development

September 21, 2015, anysilicon

Silicone wafers in a carrier

According to the latest report released by IC Insights, Global Wafer Capacity 2015-2019 shows a delay in 450mm wafers’ development and production in contrast to an increased 300mm wafers’ consumption by technology companies.
Judging from statistics, in fact, despite the huge economic incentives that would be generated on the

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Qualcomm is Breaking Up

August 03, 2015, anysilicon

qualcomm breaking

The American global semiconductor company QUALCOMM has confirmed the rumors that 4,500 employees will lose they jobs for the sake of a more competitive presence on the global market.
Indeed, the tough decision of cutting down the company’s costs by reducing its full-time staff of 15% (for the value

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Fabless-Foundry model vs. Integrated Device Manufacturers Model

July 25, 2015, anysilicon


I authored my first book “Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival” in 2014 with a purpose of letting the global semiconductor industry ( and particularly the US Semiconductor Industry) know that the Semiconductor Industry is headed for a monumental transformation in the very near future due to a

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