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If Your Chip Is Not an SoC, It Soon Will Be

December 18, 2014, anysilicon


Last week’s post was addressed primarily to those of you who are already designing SoCs. We made the point that more and more SoCs have multiple processors, either homogenous or heterogeneous, and that most or all of those processors do or will have caches. This led to the main conclusions of the

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Moore’s Law Will Not Come To An End Anytime Soon

December 16, 2014, anysilicon


Gordon Moore said‚ on the 40th anniversary of his law that “Moore’s law is really about economics.” What did he really mean by that? In 1965 when Gordon Moore put forth Moore’s law based on his observation, those years were Golden years of Free Market Capitalism in America. The entire decade

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The IP Blame Game

December 10, 2014, anysilicon


This is a guest post by Methodics that delivers state-of-the-art semiconductor data management (DM)  for analog, digital and SoC  design  teams.

The topic of IP quality in the SoC era is difficult to define, and solutions to problems relating to IP quality, verification, and use are hard to find. Debates rage between IP users, suppliers,

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TSV Integration is Creating Growth

November 19, 2014, anysilicon


“The long term growth of the equipment & materials business will be supported by the expansion of 3D TSV stack platforms” says Yole (Yole Développement) in its latest report, “Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & WLP Applications“. The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole proposes a deep analysis of the equipment &

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The Macroeconimics of 450mm Wafers

November 16, 2014, anysilicon

stacked wafers

SEMICON West 2014 in San Francisco was a great place to meet bloggers in the semiconductor industry to get updated on the status of 450mm diameter silicon wafers. On one side, there is a good news about the unprecedented level of collaboration taking place between the design and construction professionals

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What Does It Cost You When Your SoC is Late to Market?

November 07, 2014, anysilicon


If your chip is late to market, it is costing you far more than you know.
Arteris conducted a survey of all its chip design customers to gain a more accurate grasp of the major concerns they have in their day-to-day operations and to gain a better understanding of what

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