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OEM Custom Silicon Solutions BOM Cost Reduction

June 23, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post by Donnacha O’Riordan, Director of Services Strategy at S3 Group

As process technology nodes advance, falling costs & increasing capacity on older nodes enable OEMs embark on custom ASIC developments to take advantage of higher levels of integration thereby realizing significant BOM savings. Never

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How Google’s Project Ara Will Open-up Innovation In Semiconductors

May 06, 2014, anysilicon


This is a guest post by Arrow Devices, that provides high-quality Design & Verification products and services for ASIC/SOC. 

Google’s Project Ara will change the end user experience significantly. The question is, how will this technological disruption affect us all in the semiconductor industry? Read on to find out…
Google’s Project Ara

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Will more ASIC design companies cooperate with Apple and Google?

March 17, 2014, anysilicon


It’s no secret that Google, Amazon and Apple are heavily involved in the semiconductor industry. Apple itself is the biggest buyer of chips and estimated to buy 10% of chips sold worldwide.  Google uses Intel’s CPUs in their server farms and represent alone 4% of Intel total sales.

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Semiconductor Technology Nodes – History, Trends and Forecast

June 07, 2013, anysilicon


Semiconductor foundries claim they release a new technology node every two years. They may be off by a year or two, but on the whole, this is quite impressive, no doubt. Come to think of it, I don’t believe many of us even change our mobile phone every two years. How

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Synopsys Mergers and Acquisitions History [infographic]

April 17, 2013, anysilicon


The following infographics shows Synopsys’s mergers and acquisitions along the years from its very beginning. Synopsys was founded in 1986 by David Gregory, Aart de Geus and has been involved with many mergers and acquisitions.
The very recent large acquisitions include:




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Cadence Mergers and Acquisitions History [infographic]

March 18, 2013, anysilicon


The following infographics shows Cadence’s mergers and acquisitions along the years from its very beginning.
Cadence Design Systems was founded in 1988 by the merger of SDA Systems and ECAD and has been involved with 100 mergers and acquisitions. The very recent and large acquisitions are:
Year 2013

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