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Open-Silicon Unveils Industry’s Highest Performance Interlaken Chip-to-Chip Interface IP

June 12, 2017, anysilicon


Open-Silicon, a system-optimized ASIC solution provider and founding member company of the Interlaken Alliance, today announced its eighth-generation Interlaken IP core, supporting up to 1.2 Tbps high-bandwidth performance and up to 56 Gbps SerDes rates with Forward Error Correction (FEC). This high-speed chip-to-chip interface IP features an architecture that is

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Chips&Media announced Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP family targeting surveillance and automotive products

June 02, 2017, anysilicon


Chips&Media, Inc., announced the introduction of new Image Signal Processing (ISP) IPs targeting Surveillance and Automotive products. New IP families are developed to specifically support 2MP, 5MP and 8MP sensors and specialized to meet demands of surveillance and automotive products, such as low light environment optimization.
For applications, such

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New SHA-3 hashing IP from Barco Silex helps customers implement future-proof security

June 01, 2017, anysilicon

BMI Salaf Ramadan Promo (A5 Flyer)

Barco Silex, leading provider of IP cores for embedded security, has added the new SHA-3 hashing functions to its extensive offering of IP blocks. Hashing functions are used to check the integrity of messages, transactions and data in, e.g., e-commerce, financial applications or data archiving. SHA-3 hashing is part of

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Programmable Battery Charger IP Cores For SoC Applications

May 29, 2017, anysilicon


Since its inception in 2008, Chipus has been developing a series of analog power management IP cores, including linear regulators, power-on resets, ultra low power references (voltage and current), and power management units, using various architectures, and employed by customers worldwide in various application areas.
Chipus is now building

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Alma Technologies Introduces an Online Tool for Comparison of Image Compression Standards as Implemented by our IP Cores

May 26, 2017, anysilicon


An online tool for back-to-back comparison of the image compression standards implemented by our IP cores is now available on our website.
The Bit Accurate Models of the respective image compression cores are used to encode / decode a user supplied test image, in order to evaluate and compare

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IP-Maker to release new NVMe host IP

April 27, 2017, anysilicon


: IP-Maker is extending its storage IP portfolio with the release of its NVMe host controller for embedded applications. The team has implemented the features of the host NVMe driver as a full hardware IP, providing low latency, low gate count and low power consumption. It can be integrated in

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