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On-chip ESD protection for 40nm and 28nm CMOS technology

April 03, 2018, anysilicon


Despite the rising cost for IC development, EDA tools and mask sets semiconductor design companies continue to use the most advanced CMOS technology for high performance applications because benefits like lower power dissipation, increased gate density, higher speed and lower manufacturing cost per die more than compensate the higher cost.
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IP-Maker to launch new NVMe host IP Family

April 02, 2018, anysilicon

press release

IP-Maker is introducing a new product line of NVMe Host IPs. In addition to the Easy NVMe Host IP, targeting embedded applications and launched in 2017, today IP-Maker announces the availability of two new products targeting data center applications: the Advanced NVMe Host IP, and the Multi Root NVMe Host

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Mindtree announces BQB qualification of its Bluetooth Mesh v1.0 Software Stack and EtherMind Bluetooth v5.0 Software Stack & Profiles

March 28, 2018, anysilicon


Mindtree Ltd., has announced the BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Body) qualification of its Bluetooth Mesh v1.0 Software Stack along with its Bluetooth v5.0 Software Stack & Profiles (Declaration ID #D038060). These IP cores have already been licensed to major semiconductor companies and will be showcased in the upcoming Bluetooth Asia (May

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Addressing SRAM IP Verification Challenges

March 27, 2018, anysilicon

surecore feature

SureCore Limited is an SRAM IP company based in Sheffield, UK, developing low power memories for current and next generation silicon process technologies. Its award-winning, world -leading, low power SRAM designs are process independent and variability tolerant, making them suitable for a wide range of technology nodes. Two major product

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Synopsys Acquires Silicon and Beyond Private Limited to Expand High-Speed SerDes IP Portfolio

March 22, 2018, anysilicon


Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced it has acquired Silicon and Beyond Private Limited, a leading provider of high-speed SerDes technology used in data intensive applications such as machine learning, cloud computing, and networking. This acquisition demonstrates Synopsys’ continued focus on next-generation SerDes solutions, addressing the need for greater amounts of

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HiTrend selects Dolphin Integration’s cache controller for its next generation of smart energy metering chips

March 20, 2018, anysilicon


Smart grid for energy management in smart cities represents a new challenge for electrical providers. The growing demand in managing and controlling energy consumption requires innovative equipment with advanced metering, grid control technics and asset monitoring.
HiTrend leads the domestic smart meter IC industry with its analog and digital

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