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Marketing Tools for Silicon IP Vendors

August 08, 2015, anysilicon

marketing tools

Why You Need to Start Using AnySilicon’s IP Portal
In the past 4 months, AnySilicon has made the first steps into becoming an IP portal — to help both small and medium IP core suppliers with online marketing and lead generation efforts. As a result, AnySilicon platform enables now

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AnySilicon Launches new site with IP portal Capabilities

July 07, 2015, anysilicon


AnySilicon the leading semiconductor marketplace launched today an IP portal linking IP core vendors and companies in search of IP cores. AnySilicon IP marketplace is covering analog, digital, mixed signal and verification IP cores together with more critical IPs provided by leading IP vendors. AnySilicon site allows companies to easily

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Write for AnySilicon

May 08, 2015, anysilicon


AnySilicon is operating a truly unbiased semiconductor blog focused on ASIC design and manufacturing topics. We welcome individuals and companies to take part in our knowledge ecosystem and submit technical or marketing articles in the following areas:

IC design
IC verification
IP Cores
Wafer technology
Production testing
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Lead Generation in the Semiconductor and IP Industry

February 23, 2015, anysilicon

Failure analysis

Over the last 5 years lead generation has fundamentally changed. Companies used to participate in expensive events and focus mostly on branding activities. But today potential customers have direct access to all the products information they need, things are different.
In other industries, marketing & sales teams understand that their

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Getting the Most out of IC Design Houses

October 15, 2014, anysilicon

Failure analysis

In the field of IC Design, there are many companies that have unique focus and experience in designing integrated circuits, as well as being involved in the other aspects of IC design house elements, such as packaging, testing, validation, et cetera.
It may seem like a simple choice to

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Can you reduce cost and development cycle of your next ASIC?

September 22, 2014, anysilicon

find asic vendors

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of minimizing risk, design time and production cost simply by working with different IC design or verification companies? Or whether you could make your current ASIC cheaper by changing your FAT (foundry, assembly, test) providers?
Actually it’s something you can do right

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