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Pure-Play Semiconductor Foundries Sales Per Application 2017-2018

October 18, 2018, anysilicon

rd spenders feature

With tremendous growth of smartphones over the past decade, foundry sales to the communications market have soared and are now forecast to account for about 3x more than IC foundry sales to the computer market in 2018, based on IC Insights’ extensive part-two analysis of the integrated circuit foundry business

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Major Pure-Play Foundries Revenue Per Wafer 2017-2018

October 14, 2018, anysilicon

Silicone wafers in a carrier

The average revenue generated from processed wafers among the four biggest pure-play foundries (TSMC, GlobalFoundries, UMC, and SMIC) is expected to be $1,138 in 2018, when expressed in 200mm-equivalent wafers, which is essentially flat from $1,136 in 2017, according to a new analysis by IC Insights (Figure 1).  The average

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CMOS image sensors: Yole Dévelopement is increasing its forecasts again

October 05, 2018, anysilicon

cis yole

“2017 was an excellent year for CIS[1], with growth observed in all segments except computing,” comments Pierre Cambou, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market, Imaging at Yole Développement (Yole). Driven by new applications, the industry’s future remains on strong footing.
Yole announces its annual technology & market analysis focused on the CIS industry, from

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Pure-Play Semiconductor Foundry Market Growth By Region 2017-2018

September 26, 2018, anysilicon


IC Insights’ September Update to The McClean Report shows that as a result of a 51% forecasted increase in the China pure-play foundry market this year (Figure 1), China’s total share of the 2018 pure-play foundry market is expected to jump by five percentage points to 19%, exceeding the share held by the rest

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Worldwide Location of Wafer Fabs – Interactive Map

September 05, 2018, anysilicon

wafer fab location

Wafer fabs are the backbone of every electronic product. Every chip consists of a piece of silicon that is produced in a wafer fab. Wafer fabs play a key role in the customer, medical and automotive markets because the are they enabler of innovative technologies.
There are many wafer

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Reshapes Technology Portfolio to Intensify Focus on Growing Demand for Differentiated Offerings

August 28, 2018, anysilicon


GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced an important step in its transformation, continuing the trajectory launched with the appointment of Tom Caulfield as CEO earlier this year. In line with the strategic direction Caulfield has articulated, GF is reshaping its technology portfolio to intensify its focus on delivering truly differentiated offerings for clients

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