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IC Technology Advances Continue to Amaze

February 22, 2018, anysilicon

The man with a carrier of the silicone wafers

The success and proliferation of integrated circuits (IC) has largely hinged on the ability of IC manufacturers to continue offering more performance and functionality for the money.  Driving down the cost of ICs (on a per-function or per-performance basis) is inescapably tied to a growing arsenal of technologies and wafer-fab

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Worldwide Semiconductor Wafer Capacity Trends

February 12, 2018, anysilicon


Semiconductor industry wafer capacity, specifically in the memory segment, was inadequate to meet demand throughout 2017. However, with Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Intel, Toshiba/WD, and XMC/Yangtze River Storage Technology planning to significantly ramp up 3D NAND flash capacity over the next few years, and Samsung and SK Hynix boosting DRAM

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TSMC to Invest $19B in a 5nm and 3nm Fab

January 29, 2018, anysilicon


CPUs are the heart of all the mobile devices we use today, and their performance is paramount to product design and user experience. More efficient processors can lead to more powerful products while maintaining low power consumption. One of the world’s largest chip manufacturers (and consequently processors), TSMC, which manufactures

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Will Samsung’s 2017 Semi Capex Deliver Knockout Blow to Competition?

November 15, 2017, anysilicon

Investment budget local government

IC Insights has revised its outlook for semiconductor industry capital spending and will present its new findings in the November Update to The McClean Report 2017, which will be released at the end of this month.  IC Insights’ latest forecast now shows semiconductor industry capital spending climbing 35% this year to $90.8 billion.
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IC Insights Raises 2017 Semiconductor Forecast to +22%

October 18, 2017, anysilicon

growth market

IC Insights is set to release its October Update to The McClean Report.  The 30-page Update includes a detailed analysis of IC Insights’ revised forecasts for the IC, O-S-D, and total semiconductor markets through 2021.  Shown below is an excerpt from the Update.
IC Insights has raised its IC market growth rate forecast for 2017

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IC Makers Maximize 300mm, 200mm Wafer Capacity

October 17, 2017, anysilicon

The man with a carrier of the silicone wafers

With the prospects of large 450mm wafers going nowhere, IC manufacturers are increasing efforts to maximize fabrication plants using 300mm and 200mm diameter silicon substrates.  The number of 300mm wafer production-class fabs in operation worldwide is expected to increase each year between now and 2021 to reach 123 compared to

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