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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Launches RF Ecosystem Program to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Wireless Connectivity, Radar and 5G Applications

March 22, 2018, anysilicon


GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced a new ecosystem partner program, called RFwave™, designed to simplify RF design and help customers reduce time-to-market for a new era of wireless devices and networks.
The last few years there has been an increasing demand for connected devices and systems that will require innovations in

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Understanding TSMC’s VCA Program

March 05, 2018, anysilicon


TSMC has recently updated its VCA (Value Channel Aggregator) program so we thought it would be beneficial to review TSMC VCA program and update our readers with the program benefits and value proposition.
As you all know — TSMC is a pure-play foundry and as such, it’s offering wafer

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92 IC Wafer Fabs Closed or Repurposed From 2009-2017

March 01, 2018, anysilicon

wafer fab

Since the global economic recession of 2008-2009, the IC industry has been on a mission to pare down older capacity (i.e., ≤200mm wafers) in order to produce devices more cost-effectively on larger wafers. The spree of merger and acquisition activity and the migration to producing IC devices using sub-20nm process technology

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IC Technology Advances Continue to Amaze

February 22, 2018, anysilicon

The man with a carrier of the silicone wafers

The success and proliferation of integrated circuits (IC) has largely hinged on the ability of IC manufacturers to continue offering more performance and functionality for the money.  Driving down the cost of ICs (on a per-function or per-performance basis) is inescapably tied to a growing arsenal of technologies and wafer-fab

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Worldwide Semiconductor Wafer Capacity Trends

February 12, 2018, anysilicon


Semiconductor industry wafer capacity, specifically in the memory segment, was inadequate to meet demand throughout 2017. However, with Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Intel, Toshiba/WD, and XMC/Yangtze River Storage Technology planning to significantly ramp up 3D NAND flash capacity over the next few years, and Samsung and SK Hynix boosting DRAM

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TSMC to Invest $19B in a 5nm and 3nm Fab

January 29, 2018, anysilicon


CPUs are the heart of all the mobile devices we use today, and their performance is paramount to product design and user experience. More efficient processors can lead to more powerful products while maintaining low power consumption. One of the world’s largest chip manufacturers (and consequently processors), TSMC, which manufactures

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