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Semiconductor Wafer Mask Costs

September 15, 2016, anysilicon

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Semiconductor lithography and wafer mask set have developed dramatically in recent years. As technology migrated into nanometer geometries mask set price has increased exponentially.
The good news is that mask cost is decreasing every year due to maturity in production process and other factors such as market demand, competition

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Unveils 12nm FD-SOI Process Node

September 09, 2016, anysilicon

Silicone wafers in a carrier

GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced a new 12nm FD-SOI semiconductor technology mode, extending its leadership position by offering the industry’s first multi-node FD-SOI roadmap. Building on the success of its 22FDXTM offering, the company’s next-generation 12FDXTM platform is designed to enable the intelligent systems of tomorrow across a range of applications, from mobile

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Thinner wafers are fostering the growth & emergence of new dicing technologies

September 05, 2016, anysilicon


Driven by rising demand for thinner wafers and stronger die, dicing technology is evolving. “Reaching more than US$100 million in 2015, the dicing equipment market will double by 2020-2021”, announces Yole Développement (Yole)(Source: Thin Wafer Processing & Dicing Equipment Market report, Yole Développement, May 2016). Yet at the same time

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Semiconductor Foundries Sales Growth 2014-2016

September 01, 2016, anysilicon

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IC Insights released its August Update to the 2016 McClean Report earlier this month.  This Update included an update of the semiconductor industry capital spending forecast, a look at the top-25 semiconductor suppliers for1H16, including a forecast for the full year ranking, and Part 1 of

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Silicon Photonics Inflection Point – It’s Not ‘If,’ It’s ‘When’

August 15, 2016, anysilicon

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Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about silicon photonics in the data center industry. What’s it all about? The ever-expanding digital universe is being driven by cloud computing, mobile data, video streaming, and Internet-of-Things (IoT). Today, it’s estimated that by end of 2016, more than 6 zettabytes (i.e., the

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SMIC Buys 70% of LFoundry for 49M Euros

June 27, 2016, anysilicon


Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (“SMIC”; NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981), one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world and the largest and most advanced foundry in mainland China, jointly announces with LFoundry Europe GmbH (“LFE”) and Marsica Innovation S.p.A. (“MI”), the signing of an agreement on June 24, 2016 to

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