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CVC is worldwide leader in providing Design-Verification training, services & custom Verification IPs for 10+ years.

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UniPHY Ltd. is an Israeli-based Analog Mixed-Signal design house offering A to Z product supply, ASIC services, custom and standard hard-IPs and spec. to GDS services.


ASIC services, IP Design

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Design Сenter KM211 is a contract IC developer and processor architecture developer in Russia. KM211 is TSMC VCA for Russia. While developing processors and IP, we dedicate most of our efforts on providing Design Services for companies across the world.

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RelMicroS is a pioneering semiconductor IP design company. RelMicroS designs IP cores that are resilient to silicon hardware degradation for advanced technology nodes.

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Silicon Service


Silicon Service is an “ASIC design house” experienced in Analog IC Design, Digital Backend, Design Verification, Embedded System and R&D.


Analog IC Design, Digital Backend , Digital Verification, Embedded Systems

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