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ISE Labs

ISE Labs is one of the largest US IC service companies, offering a full spectrum of services related to front and back-end test, with
locations in Austin and Fremont.

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Si-Ware Systems


Si-Ware Systems (SWS) does custom ASIC development and supply specializing in analog/mixed-signal and RF design.


Turnkey ASIC Provider, Analog/Mixed-Signal & RF Expertise, Sensors & MEMS, Design Methodology

IP Cores

RF/Wireless, High Voltage DC-DC Converters, Analog Frontends, System Level / Digital IP, Power Management, Data Converters

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Presto Engineering


Presto Engineering, Inc. provides outsourced operations for semiconductor and IoT device companies, helping its customers minimize overhead, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market.


IoT Operations Outsourcing Solutions, Secured IC Provisioning , RF and Mixed-Signal Test, Front-end Tape-out, Mask and Wafer Procurement, Back-end Manufacturing and Test, Supply Chain Management

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PAC TECH manufactures equipment for the microelectronic & advanced packaging industry and offers wafer level packaging contract manufacturing out of Germany (HQ), USA and Malaysia.

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IBM Canada Ltd


IBM in Bromont is a world leader in semiconductor packaging technology and now known for our next generation photonic solutions.


Advanced packaging Services, Semiconductor test services, Mechanical, electrical and thermal modeling, Analytical services, reliability and failure analysis

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