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Technovare Systems


Technovare Systems, Inc. provides turnkey ASIC/FPGA design Design and Production services with an emphasis on the High-Rel and Aerospace markets.

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Dynasic provides ASIC/FPGA solutions for specification, design and verification, which includes different software tools and freelance verification as well.

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KAL Silicon Technologies

KAL provides VLSI services for digital, analog and RF ASIC for low/high voltage: Trunkey solution, design service, IP, training, EDA.

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BlackPepper Technologies

BlackPepper Technologies provides High-end value added technology services offering Spec to Silicon, Silicon to System Design, differentiated product & engineering capabilities for global semiconductor companies

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Tekmos provides low cost ASICs, efficiently matching fab technology to your application. Digital, mixed signal, and high voltage ASICs.


Low Cost ASICs, FPGA Conversions, Unify Stacked Die SIPS, Mixed Signal ASICs, High Temperature Circuits, Mature Microcontrollers

IP Cores

80C51 Family, 68HC(7)05 Family, 68HC(7)11 Family, 80C186 Family, 68020 Family

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