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Dream Chip

Garbsen, Germany

Dream Chip Technologies is the largest independent German design service company specializing in the development and design of ASICs, FPGAs, and embedded software designs.


ASIC Design and System-on-Chip, FPGA Design, Embedded Software, Evaluation Board Design

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KAL Silicon Technologies

KAL provides VLSI services for digital, analog and RF ASIC for low/high voltage: Trunkey solution, design service, IP, training, EDA.

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RADLogic provides Mixed Signal IC Design Services, IP Block Development and Sales, and Board, Software and System Application Development.


IC Design Services, IP Development, RFID, Design Tools, Technologies, System Design

IP Cores

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Power Management, Medical Microelectronics, Data Conversion

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Adveos Microelectronic Systems


European IC design service provider. ADVEOS core business is custom IC design for RF/mmWave systems and sensor applications.


RF/mmWave IC Design Services, Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Services, Digital IC Design Services, Layout Services, Hybrid X/Gamma-Ray Imaging Readout Electronics, Sensor/MEMS interfacing

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advICo carries out the complete - or parts of the - chip development process on behalf of its customers.

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