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HDL Design House


HDL Design House delivers leading-edge digital, analog, and back-end design and verification services and products in numerous areas of SoC.


SoC Verification, System Development

IP Cores

V-by-One PCS Rx IP Core , JESD204B PCS Rx IP Core, JESD204B PCS Tx IP Core, PCS IP Core, MIPI CSI2 Tx IP Core, HDMI v1.4 Transmitter IP Core

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Cactus Semiconductor


Cactus Semiconductor is a full-service provider of low-power mixed-signal ASICs specializing in miniaturized portable and implantable medical devices.


Turnkey ASIC Supplier, IC Design Services Provider, Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP)

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KAL Silicon Technologies

KAL provides VLSI services for digital, analog and RF ASIC for low/high voltage: Trunkey solution, design service, IP, training, EDA.

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Adveos Microelectronic Systems


European IC design service provider. ADVEOS core business is custom IC design for RF/mmWave systems and sensor applications.


RF/mmWave IC Design Services, Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Services, Digital IC Design Services, Layout Services, Hybrid X/Gamma-Ray Imaging Readout Electronics, Sensor/MEMS interfacing

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Aizyc technology


Aizyc Technology is an end-to-end Product Engineering company offering reliable custom SoC, FPGA & System design solutions to semiconductor and electronic system product companies.


ASIC/SOC Design, Verification, Silicon validation, ASIC physical design

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