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Invia is a semiconductor design house focused on embedded security. We deliver hardware and software IPs intended to secure ICs.

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Vidatronic is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in advanced energy-efficient power management solutions and design services for embedded and stand-alone applications.


Analog and mixed-signal circuit design services, Analog mixed-signal layout design services, Design, Verification, Synthesis and Place and Route of Digital Blocks or Chips

IP Cores

Noise Quencher® Low Dropout (LDO) Voltage Regulators, Power Quencher™ Low Dropout (LDO) Voltage Regulators, DC-DC Switching Converters, Foundation IP Collection, I2C Interface

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Aims Technology


We provide SoC design services from concept to silicon sign-off. We specialize in the area of system modeling, architecture/microarchitecture, design, verification, emulation, synthesis, timing analysis and DFT.

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BitSim, is a leading design house in the development of advanced electronics for cameras/imaging detectors/sensors, data acquisition and video/graphics.

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Fabless IC design house that develop design high performance, low power ASIC and micro-controller SoC.

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