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Digital Blocks


Digital Blocks offers semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) cores for developers with Embedded Processor & Peripherals, High-Speed Networking, Display Controller, Display Link Layer, 2D Graphics, Image Compression, and Audio / Video system requirements.

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videantis licenses processor IP and optimized software for computer vision and video coding for automotive, mobile, home, and emerging markets.

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Sofics is an IP provider improving reliability of ICs through innovative designs. Sofics offers 3 products: TakeCharge®, PowerQubic® and CustomIO®.


IP Provider, IO Design, Consulting and testing services

IP Cores

Low Voltage ESD/EOS protection (up to 5V), HV/BCD EOS/ESD protection (5V and higher), LIN PHY (transceiver) , Programmable Clipping Circuit for Antenna pins, Power-on-Reset Circuit, Radiation Hard, ESD robust Level Shifters

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RFIC Solutions

We provide state of the art solutions for IPD millimeter-wave Transceiver IC's using 65nm CMOS and 0.15nm GaAs process.

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Packet Architects

Packet Architects develops Switching and Routing IPs for Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6 and other packet processing technologies.

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