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Si-Ware Systems


Si-Ware Systems (SWS) does custom ASIC development and supply specializing in analog/mixed-signal and RF design.


Turnkey ASIC Provider, Analog/Mixed-Signal & RF Expertise, Sensors & MEMS, Design Methodology

IP Cores

RF/Wireless, High Voltage DC-DC Converters, Analog Frontends, System Level / Digital IP, Power Management, Data Converters

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RelMicroS is a pioneering semiconductor IP design company. RelMicroS designs IP cores that are resilient to silicon hardware degradation for advanced technology nodes.

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OmniPhy is a leading provider of differentiated interface IP focused on high-speed SerDes and Ethernet PHY’s.

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Test and Verification Solutions


T&VS provides specialist software test and hardware verification solutions to help clients ensure their products are reliable, safe and secure.


Hardware Verification, Software Testing, Security, Safety, Training

IP Cores

Verification IP, ARM-based VIP, Hi-Speed VIP, MIPI VIP, Memory and Storage VIP, Universal Serial IO VIP

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Aims Technology


We provide SoC design services from concept to silicon sign-off. We specialize in the area of system modeling, architecture/microarchitecture, design, verification, emulation, synthesis, timing analysis and DFT.

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