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AumRaj brings together a global team with strong expertise in design & verification. Team of AumRaj can help in direction of choosing tools, to setup environment, develop test plans, test suites development and 100% functional coverage.

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Analog Research Labs Inc


Analog Research Labs Inc is a leading provider of mixed signal IP cores. Our team of professionals have more than 50 years of experience in cutting edge mixed signal design.

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Adveos Microelectronic Systems


European IC design service provider. ADVEOS core business is custom IC design for RF/mmWave systems and sensor applications.


RF/mmWave IC Design Services, Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Services, Digital IC Design Services, Layout Services, Hybrid X/Gamma-Ray Imaging Readout Electronics, Sensor/MEMS interfacing

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ASICS World Services


ASICS World Services is your partner for Design, Synthesis and Verification. Over 20 years of industry experience - proven track record.

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Providing the customers with cost-effective Analog, mixed-Signal IPs, and with ASIC solutions.

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