Verification IP Cores

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Kilopass Technology


Kilopass’ embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) IP is the industry’s number one antifuse technology providing measureable impact to cost and revenue with silicon-proven solutions for developing automotive, industrial, mobility, consumer, and analog, and IoT products.

IP Cores

High Security, Code Storage, eFuse or ROM Alternative

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SeviTech Systems


SeviTech Systems provides full-chip design services, VIP solutions & unique software toolkits for fast and efficient implementation of complex ASIC, SoC & FPGAs for its global customers.


SoC Verification, IP Level Verification, FPGA Prototyping, ASIC Implementation

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KAL Silicon Technologies


KAL provides VLSI services for digital, analog and RF ASIC for low/high voltage: Trunkey solution, design service, IP, training, EDA.

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