Aivaka is a fabless semiconductor company focused on providing power management design services (DC/DC and linear) voltage converters and regulators, and an array of electronic devices operating from batteries for IoT (or IoE) world and more. 

Our proprietary solutions can operate from an input of 0.8V up to to 6V and provide an output as low as 30mV.  So, our technology can create a “battery independent” solution for portable electronics so that the system to operate from 2, 3, 4 AA/AAA (NiMH, NiCd or Alkaline) batteries or any single Lithium battery without any change to the system power management section. 

Our primary focus is on the low-power (micro watt) and low-voltage segment of the electronic market where battery life, solution size and weight, and overall performance are key parameters for the system (i.e. IoT, IoE, Energy Harvesting).