Andon Electronics


More and more users of image/optoelectronic/gas sensors, ICs, and other valuable electronic devices solder Andon sockets – not the device – onto the PCB, to avoid 1) device damage from exposure to high temp solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions, 2) the labor and PC board damage associated with desoldering a faulty device, 3) holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive, and 4) excessive heat and noise. For faster, more accurate placement of SIP sockets or individual pins, some use our carrier assemblies. For faster, more consistent soldering in low-profile environments, some use our Ultra Low Profile Solder Form Sockets™. In any case, they rely on Andon’s unique SENSTAC™ sensor socket contact designed for high shock and vibration 25-year life requirements.The multi-finger design accommodates differences in thermal expansion between the package and the PCB – to avoid solder joint cracking and associated intermittency.Standard and custom sockets are available for a variety of package outlines including PGAs, BGAs, CLCCs, PLCCs, TOs, DIPs, SIPs, LEDs, and more.