DELTA Microelectronics



DELTA has been at the forefront of the microelectronics industry for over 25 years, providing IC design, testing, packaging, and complete supply chain services to some of the world’s best known OEMs/ODMs and fabless semiconductor companies.
Our extensive suite of ASIC services, high calibre engineering teams, and advanced test facilities allow us to take your products from specification to mass production through the most predictable and reliable path. DELTA’s teams are structured to act as an extension of our customer’s own operation, and include  ASIC design, prototyping, wafer supply, wafer test, packaging , component test, storage and delivery, qualification test and failure analysis.


ASIC Design

asis design die closeup

Over 100 successful ASIC projects have been developed by DELTA’s professional design team and have been deployed in systems and products worldwide. Utilizing best-in-class tools and our veteran team in Europe, we guarantee faster time-to market of smaller, more robust, more profitable ASIC products.


With several decades of combined experience in the international ASIC industry, DELTA provides unmatched technical excellence and expertise. Our teams in Denmark and the UK have more than 500 man years of ASIC design and production know-how. We apply this wealth of experience carefully throughout projects, to ensure clients of right-first-time results.

Opto, Toll Road, RFID, Sensors

RFID solutions


We offer the spectrum of services to support RFID applications, including mixed-signal IC design and a library of proven circuitry. Recently, DELTA has developed a semi-costume RFID sensory tag conforming to ISO 14443 and ISO 15693. We support this with complete silicon production, wafer/component testing and packaging capabilities – including individual customisation of tags – providing an efficient one-stop solution for RFID projects.


Opto Chip

An opto-based microchip implemented in standard CMOS technology has made it possible for DELTA to deliver a new type of chip which can be used within many industrial areas that normally require a pair of eyes or detection of luminance.

We have worked with this technology for more than 10 years and optics and ASIC engineers have worked together on development projects for many years. We believe that there is a great future in combining optic-physics and ASIC technologies. This has resulted in several new ideas of cost optimisation.


Toll Road Chip

The ASICs DELTA has developed for customers support the GSS standard v.3.2 and consist of an analog part including an analog receiver frontend and a digital baseband controller. It operates in two modes: standby and active.



DELTA Microelectronics has provided semiconductor services to the sensor market for more than a decade. Our IC design and production team is aware of all the requirements related to sensor products and is therefore able to reduce the risk involved in such an IC product dramatically.



Test and Packaging


DELTA has over 30 years of extensive experience in semiconductor testing and provides all testing services required for ICs – from wafer test, through qualification testing, and up to the final production test of packaged devices.
DELTA’s ASIC Test Centre was founded by industry pioneers in testing technology. The company’s portfolio speaks to the experience of our team and our deep understanding of ASIC testing technology. Our team has demonstrated over 500 complete, fully functional and optimised test solutions since 1976.



packaging green chip

DELTA offers a broad range of standard and innovative, top-quality packaging services to meet the diverse requirements of customers, such as electrical performance, heat dissipation, cost, and aggressive time-to-market.

Our packaging team can provide expert guidance for package characterisation and selection, assist with package design logistics and documentation, perform failure analysis to identify packaging-related yield issues, and drive post-packaging, final product qualification testing.

Qualification and Failure Analysis


DELTA offer comprehensive qualification services including:

  • Electrical tests, e.g. ESD and latch-up
  • EMC tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Combined mechanical and environmental tests
  • Preconditioning (e.g. JESD22-A113)
  • Workmanship evaluation covering  External visual inspection | Physical dimensions | X-ray | Inspection Seal testing (for hermetic components) | Solderability test | Resistance to soldering heat | Marking permanency | Lead  integrity

Failure Analysis

DELTA operates its own in-house microelectronics failure analysis department.

We have  invested in specialized equipment –  from mechanical access techniques to X-ray and scanning electron microscope examination.

failure analysis cross section

  • Microsectioning
  • Real time X-ray
  • Hot spot analysis
  • Solderability tests
  • Sub-micron probing
  • Chemical and plasma etching
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Scanning acoustic microscopy
  • Energy dispersive ana­lysis of X-ray
  • Gross and fine leak hermeticity testing
  • Bright/dark field, differential interference, light sectioning, and stereo microscopy
  • Environmental testing (tempe­rature, shock, humidity, corrosion, vibration)

Supply Chain Services

DELTA Microelectronics provides top-quality turnkey production services for fabless IC vendors and system companies. Our supply chain services take our customers’ products from prototype to mass production using the most predictable, low-risk path and the fastest time-to-market.

DELTA’s flexible supply chain service adapts to each customer’s unique needs and volumes, and consists of wafer procurement and probing, packaging, component testing, storage and distribution of ICs.

With more than 25 years of supporting IC development and production, over 1000 projects, and one of the largest commercial microelectronics testing facilities in Europe, we offer unmatched supply chain services to any size IC vendor.

ASIC supply chain services


stacked wafers

DELTA is GLOBALFOUNDRIES Channel Partner in EMEA and provides access to all technologies offered by GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES offers a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, from the very leading edge of process technology to more mature, cost-effective process nodes. The company operates several fabs, including both 300mm (12-inch) wafer and 200mm (8-inch) production. The company invests in the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and processes to ensure the highest degrees of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness for its customers. It consistently produces wafers with industry-leading yield and defect performance. All of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’s fabs are ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified. Three of the fabs have been recognized as Fab of the Year by Semiconductor International Magazine.




IP Cores

RFID analog front-end

This is a contact-less RFID transceiver front-end for general-purpose applications in the 13.56MHz range ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC15693.
  • Low power low voltage operation
  • Contact-less power supply (on-chip full wave rectifier)
  • Radio frequency 13.56MHz inductive coupling
  • Supports: Type A ASK 100% Miller, Type B ASK 10% NZR-L,etc.
  • Edge sensitive demodulator with programmable threshold
  • Carrier detector
  • High power and soft load modulator for ‘back-scatter’ transmission