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Since 1994 Desert Microtechnology’s team of dedicated, experienced engineers have been successfully developing and producing integrated circuits for satisfied customers world wide.  We have experience in a wide range of technologies. If you need a custom analog or mixed-signal IC, are having procurement or performance difficulties with your present IC, or can benefit from reverse engineering for competitive analysis or intellectual properties issues, we can help.  Let’s talk.


IC Detectives

Problems with your current ASIC?  Production issues?  We have a wealth of experience and a lab full of characterization tools we know how to use to quick solve the mystery.  We will come up with an innovative solution to your problems.

Analog ASIC Design

We have successfully completed analog ASIC’s in medical, industrial, and military applications.  From implantable hearing aids to fog sensors for luxury cars.  If you need an ASIC, we can design it.

Turn Key IC development

From production specifications to delivery of tested parts, we have the experience and industry connections to make your product ideas a reality.

IP Development / Verification / Characterization

We have developed IP for satisfied customers in 65nm CMOS for AFE, NVM memory core design, CMOS imagers, and much more.  In addition to design, we can thoroughly verify the IP in simulation and in our comprehensive characterization lab.

Legacy re-creation

We have been designing long enough to know how the old parts work.  We have redesigned a number of classic parts into current process to keep critical equipment up and running in industry and military application.  If you need an obsolete semiconductor, we have the expertise to quickly re-create it.  We can accomplish this starting with as little as a few parts.

IP competitive analysis

Do you suspect that your IP has been compromised?  Do you need to know what your competitors are doing?  We can provide competitive analysis of IC’s in patent infringement cases and the development of new products.