eInfochips with over 20 years of experience is a world leader in Semiconductor design services. Our service offerings include everything from ASIC design and Physical design to validation and verification.


We have contributed in 200+ tapeouts from 180nm to 16nm technology nodes, systemVerilog, SystemC, C++, Verilog, VHDL, VMM, OVM, UVM which are used by leading semiconductor companies worldwide.


eInfochips works with their clients to provide solutions for product design and development, quality assurance and certifications, re-engineering, sustenance, and volume production.


ASIC & FPGA Design & Development

eInfochips delivers quick prototyping services for multi-million ASIC into multiple FPGAs to turn around a proof-of-concept for showcasing to the end customers. Our team can help you with IP development of compute intensive algorithms (WRED, trTCM, DEFLATE) and industry standard protocols like MIPI (CSI2, DSI), Storage (UFS-HCI, ONFI)., spec-to-design, RTL coding, verification, board validation and system installation.

Physical Design and DFT

eInfochips proven physical design flow, methodologies and dedicated subject matter experts have helped our customers in over 100 Silicon tapeouts. This is the first engineering services company to tapeout multiple 16nm SoC’s. These SoC’s have 300 million to 500 million gates (~25*25 mm) and our focus is on reducing die size and power. It provides a platform for complete turnkey ownership of 100+ silicon tape-outs across 180 to 16nm.

Hardware Design

We have been working on embedded hardware design in various industries like wearable devices, avionics, medical devices, security & surveillance devices and much more. Our team performs rigorous testing (DFT) for manufacturing (DFM) to reduce design alterations.

Verification & Validation

We employ a highly experienced team for building modular and reusable verification environment. We deal with comprehensive verification and fix all bugs in the pre/post-silicon phase by always achieving 100% functional and code coverage.

IP Cores

Reference Designs & EVMs

eInfochips is a design house partner on micro controllers and processors families with Texas Instruments. We have also partnered with Qualcomm on SoM and SBC development kit.