Esencia Technologies



We provide design services from specification to final product in semiconductor space. Our team is handpicked consisting of more than 100 top Silicon Valley experts who have learned their trade in leading semiconductor companies world wide. Our architects, front-end and backend designers, and verification engineers build products ranging from Digital Signal Processing for communication and video, to security (encryption/authentication) and networking.


Our clients are leading system and semiconductor companies that are focused on creating innovative products in the fields of video, wireless communications, and networking, computer vision and perceptual computing. They partner with Esencia to implement their ASIC and FPGA designs. They trust this essential part of their product execution to Esencia because of our technical expertise and our ability to deliver right-first- time designs on time. Our long term clients see us as their trusted partner for our digital signal processing IP cores and design solutions, from concept to silicon.


Turnkey Design Service

We offer turn-key design services from product specifi­cation to GDS2. Our team has completed projects in leading process nodes down to 10nm for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups.


  • ASIC target-specs: Architecture Partitioning, IP selection
  • Design Modeling: Matlab/C++/SystemC
  • Design Implementation: RTL in SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL
  • Design Verification: UVM/OVM/VMM
  • Synthesis and DFT
  • Physical Design
  • Physical Verification
  • Timing Closure
  • Test Vector Generation
  • FPGA prototypes and Emulation


Domain Expertise


  • Wireless systems architecture (WiFi, WiMax, GPS)
  • Video systems architecture (H.264, VC1, MPEG2/4 encoder/decoders)
  • High Speed Networking
  • IP Cores and development, customization and integration
  • DSP Design
  • Turn-key project development
  • On-site consulting for design and verification

IP Cores

EScala Design Platform

IC design flows typically employ industry standard tools such as Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys. These are powerful tools and, they are the basis of every good design. We use these ourselves.

Sometimes industry standard is not enough. We began by building our own custom libraries. Then we extended to our own automatic code-generators, and finally we created a Very Large Instruction Word (VLIW) parallel processing multi-core synthesizers. After extensive validation and test trials, three years ago, we offered them to industry.


Escala™ design tools and libraries are used by some of the industry’s largest semiconductor manufacturers. Our IP libraries, featuring our highly configurable and efficient FFTs, are the signal processing engine for ICs that have shipped in the millions.