Integrated Semiconductor Solutions



ISS Inc. is a Cooperation registered in the state of California. Our Reliability Stress test service laboratory is dedicated to provide customers outmost engineering support 24 hours 7 days a week. Since ISS engineering staff is experienced in the Semiconductor Device Manufacturing industry provides solutions to any technical challenges. Whether Semiconductor Company having issues ranging from board design, packages, down through the single devices level, Pattern conversions, our dedicated team work closely to resolve and get the projects started and ACCELERATE TIME TO MARKET.


We have a complete lab set up for following types of Reliability tests:


1) ESD & LU testing (HBM, CDM, MM and LU)

2) Burn-In & Product Reliability (HTOL)

3) Package Qualifications (Preconditioning, HTS, BIASED & UNBIASED HAST, Temperature Cycling)

4) Test Hardware and Manufacturing (Burn-in boards, HAST boards, PCB)

5) ATE testing (Test solutions, Test programs for ESD/LU, HTOL & package Qual)


IC Qualifications for ESD

  • Human Body Model Testing (HBM)
  • Charge Device Model Testing (CDM)
  • Machine Model Testing (MM)
  • Latch Up Testing (LU)
  • Methodology latest industry standards

Burn-in product, process, Reliability Qualification capability and capacity

SS services are capable of providing cost effective and economical solutions with existing integration solution for all Burn-in needs.


  • High Temp Operating Life (HTOL)
  • Dynamic HTOL with thermal runaway control
  • Early Lifetime Failure Rate (EFR)
  • Intelligent Life test (Test while Burn-in)
  • Burn-in Chambers (With complete scalable positions)
  • Burn-in test program & 1st Article Test
  • Adaptation to most common Bur-in configurations & power requirements

Device Package Qualification Services including Preconditioning

  • Pre CSAM prior to Preconditioning
  • Bake Oven – 24 hours bake to drive out any pre-existing moisture
  • Moisture Soak – As required by customer
  • Solder Reflow – 3 cycles of solder reflow process
  • Post CSAM – CSAM testing again to determine if any delaminating occurred during the test
  • Biased or Unbiased Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)
  • Temperature Cycling (TCY)
  • High Temperature Storage (HTS)
  • Biased, Unbiased or Dynamic 85/85 Stress Testing (THB)

Engineering and Hardware capabilities

ISS offers complete Turnkey solutions for PCBs design, Fabrication, Assembly and Testing.


  • HTOL Burn-In Boards for all systems
  • HAST Boards
  • ATE Load Boards
  • ESD Test Fixtures
  • Programmable Module PCBs
  • Any type of Adapters for Bench Testing
  • Customize Burn-In Oven system Back Planes

IC Package Failure Analysis

  • Level 1/2/3 IC Failure Analysis
  • Backside IC Editing Services
  • PCB Failure Analysis
  • Electrical Characterization I Micro probing
  • High-Pin Count Parametric Testing
  • Chemical or Mechanical De capsulation
  • Dion Cross Section Milling, Polishing and Cutting
  • 3D CT Sub-Micro X-ray Analysis
  • Solder Joint Integrity
  • CSAM Evaluation
  • Photon Emission Microscopy
  • RI Passivation / Dielectric Removal
  • Precise Sub-Micron Cross Sectioning
  • Precise Substrate Thinning and Polishing
  • SEM Analysis and Imaging
  • EDS EDEX Analysis
  • Ion Beam FIB IC Circuit Modifications
  • Dual-Beam FIB Services
  • Dual-Beam Focused Ion Beam FIB Nano-Fabrication
  • Electronic Component DPA
  • Dye and PRY