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For over 20 years, our customers have inspired us to create the most reliable products for high- reliability applications. We provide HiRel standards of ICs approved in airspace applications, avionics, industrial products, automotive technics and critical transportation systems to our consumer products. Our achievements in RF and ADCs with list of 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller allowed us to supply many types of chipsets for data acquisition systems. Our analog, mixed signal solutions and services are based on proven silicon products.


Analog IP design

Our MCU experience allows us to provide customers silicon proven analog solutions in order to design complex mixed-signal chips. We are experts in designing ADC, DAC, PMU, VREF and IREF, LDO, DC-DC, RCosc. PLL, oscillators, POR, etc.

Mixed-signal design

We have the experience in design of complex mixed signal solutions like LVDS and DVI serdes, Ethernet and USB PHY.

Digital IP design

Our MCU and DSP experience allows us to provide customers silicon proven digital solutions.

RF design

There are several RF transceivers, Ultra high frequency PLL within successfully completed projects.

ASIC design

Our analog, digital and mixed signal experience make ASIC design service reliable. Our design team consists of analog and digital engineers, custom layout and backend designers. Test house and test engineers are big benefit for customers.