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Whether you need a full-chip solution or resources to help with block-level design, Packet Digital can help make your design a success. The Packet Digital team has expertise in the design and verification of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits. The team is eager to use their skills to help design solutions for the electronics industry. If you’re looking for a partner that is committed to your success, contact Packet Digital today.



Analog Circuit Design

  • Schematic capture, simulation, layout, physical verification
  • Silicon proven circuits:
    • Voltage regulators (switching and linear)
    • Analog to Digital Converters
    • Digital to Analog Converters
    • Amplifiers
    • Voltage references
    • Current references
    • Oscillators
    • Comparators
    • Timers
  • Circuit verification with spice, fast-spice, corner, and Monte Carlo simulation



Digital & Mixed Signal Design

  • RTL coding
  • Testbench generation
  • Synthesis
  • Place and route
  • Timing, area, power analysis
  • High performance digital combined with precision analog
  • Wide range of IP libraries available to build your SoC or ASIC product


Mixed signal simulation


  • Mixed signal and real number modeling
  • System level verification:
    • Spice
    • SystemVerilog
    • Verilog-AMS
    • VHDL-AMS
  • Metric driven verification methodology:
    • Executable verification plans
    • Code coverage
    • Assertions
    • Constrained random testing


  • Verification testing

Concept to Silicon

  • Low cost prototype wafer runs
  • Many small volume packaging options
  • Debug and failure analysis
  • High volume dedicated wafer runs with top foundries
  • Accecss to world-class production packaging and test facilities

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