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Conceived initially as an “ASIC design house” Silicon Service company has a tremendous amount of experience in Analog IC Design, Digital Backend, Design Verification, Embedded System Development and R&D services, providing services for clients listed as US Blue Chip Companies.


Silicon Service company has a vast knowledge and experience in multiple areas of expertise in full-cycle development and production flow.


We bring the customer’s idea into a real product!


In this moment, we have available teams and capabilities in Digital Backend and Software Development areas. More information about our team please find below. Thank you!


Analog IC Design

Our Analog IC Design team leader has:

  • More than 35 years of experience on analog design,
  • 18 Romanian patents on electric and electronic measurements,
  • Over17 years as senior design engineer and senior staff design engineer at companies worldwide,
  • More than 30 US patents in analog IC design,
  • Designed more than 50 analog IC circuits and analog blocks in the field of voltage reference, temperature sensors, amplifiers and related analog circuit


We are experts in designing different analog blocks: precision voltage references; precision temperature sensors; comparators; amplifiers; multipliers and mixers; ultra-low-noise analog circuits; ultra-low-power analog circuits.

Digital Backend

With a team leader with over 15 years of experience, we have a team experienced in block-level and chip-level, from simple synthesis/DFT/simulation tasks to the full physical design flow.


The technology range starts with .8um and goes down to 28nm on different fabs like Atmel, ChipExpres (ChipX), Global Foundries, MagnaChip, SMIC, TSMC, UMC.


Most of the chips were developed in multiple-sites with partners from Europe, Asia, Israel and USA

Digital Verification

The main core of outsourcing services consists of a large team of design verification engineers (UVM, System Verilog) with IP and x86/ARM SoC level verification experience.


Functional ASIC Design Verification of CPU’s, IP and SoC level


The SOC Verification Team has been involved in the last 8 years in major SoC projects that had the following key features:


  • Quad core X86 or ARM CORTEX A57 CPU’s
  • Integrated high performance graphics processor
  • Northbridge for connecting the major design blocks
  • Integrated Southbridge


The IP Verification team was involved for several years in the verification of the Chip Pervasive Logic used to control the Initialization, Security and Power Management of several x64 based processors.

Embedded Systems

Silicon Service is developing OEM products in the area of embedded systems, hardware and software, targeting the industrial and automotive sectors and AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) systems for the domestic water utility management (measuring, monitoring and control).


Our strong partnerships with Fujitsu and Socionext assures the highest-level technology incorporated in our OEM products.


Silicon Service offers multiple modes of collaboration including Project Based Services and Customer Dedicated Team.


Silicon Service company knows how to develop the full cycle of production from idea to mass production, including research, technical analysis, prototype development, final product development, serial development, mass production.