How to Obtain ASIC Turnkey Services from TSMC and GLOBALFOUNDRIES?

September 17, 2012, anysilicon

Pure-play foundries are offering vanilla flavor services, meaning one can buy only wafers. ASIC design, testing, packaging and supply chain services are not part of their service offering.
Large IDM players, who manage their own supply chain, seek this type of engagement because they prefer to own the supply

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Understanding Maskset Type – MPW, MLM, MLR and Single-Maskset

September 04, 2012, anysilicon


Tapeout is a major milestone in every ASIC project lifecycle. It means the design phase is completed and you are ready to send out the GDSII to the fab for production.
The term “tapeout” was coined in 70’s. Historically, engineered used a magnetic tape to store all the ASIC design

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