Cadence Mergers and Acquisitions History [infographic]

March 18, 2013, anysilicon

The following infographics shows Cadence’s mergers and acquisitions along the years from its very beginning.
Cadence Design Systems was founded in 1988 by the merger of SDA Systems and ECAD and has been involved with 100 mergers and acquisitions. The very recent and large acquisitions are:
Year 2013

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Understanding Process Corner (Corner Lots)

March 11, 2013, anysilicon

corne lot wafer

Process Lots (or corner lots) are special-modified-wafers that help verifying chip design robustness to accommodate process variations that statistically occur in wafer production over the years.
One of the products that semiconductor foundries offer is process lots (also called: corner lots, split lots or skewed lots). Corner lots wafers are

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Who is Bigger and Stronger than TSMC?

March 04, 2013, anysilicon


I have the utmost respect for TSMC. For their advanced technology; for the quality of their products; for their ecosystem; and for their contribution to the industry. In fact, TSMC has become so big – that it will take a while until the second ranked foundry can catch up.

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