What is a Burn-in Board?

April 29, 2013, anysilicon

Burn in Board is a printed circuit board which functions as a jig in the Burn-in process. The Burn-in Board is used as part of the ASIC reliability testing process during which components are stressed to detect failures. Burn in Boards consist of sockets to accommodate the tested ASICs and

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Synopsys Mergers and Acquisitions History [infographic]

April 17, 2013, anysilicon

The following infographics shows Synopsys’s mergers and acquisitions along the years from its very beginning. Synopsys was founded in 1986 by David Gregory, Aart de Geus and has been involved with many mergers and acquisitions.
The very recent large acquisitions include:



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Die Per Wafer Formula and (free) Calculator

April 09, 2013, anysilicon


Calculating the number of Dies Per Wafer (DPW) is a very simple and straight forward task. It’s actually based on basic high school mathematics which are related to circle area formula, remember Pi?
Silicon dies which are placed on a wafer can also be described as many squares placed inside

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