ASIC Prototyping – Should you purchase Boards or DIY?

May 21, 2013, anysilicon

ASIC board

With the increased complexity of SoC designs, high tapeout prices and shrinking time-to-market, ASIC Prototyping has become a key step in ASIC projects. FPGA development boards are being used more often to verify ASIC design, test hardware and software integration, and provide a proof of concept demonstration to potential customers

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Is TSMC going to smash IC Packaging Houses?

May 08, 2013, anysilicon

Two years ago TSMC announced its plans to expand into IC  packaging services.  It is unclear how much these plans succeeded up till now, but it definitely seems that TSMC is now in an excellent position to take a big bite into the advanced IC packaging market, enter into direct competition

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