Choosing IP core – It’s not just the product, it’s the relationship

July 28, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post by PLDA which designs and sells intellectual property (IP) cores and prototyping tools for ASIC and FPGA

You are on a very strict schedule for your next chip. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, you plan to go to an outside vendor for some of your

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The Case for Developing Custom Analog

July 21, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post by S3 Group that provides design, verification and implementation of the most complex IC solutions.

Increasingly, product managers are considering a custom Analog SoC as an effective way to drastically reduce BOM costs. What would have been considered a radical product innovation just a few years ago, is

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Does an externally bought IP need re-verification?

July 14, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post by Arrow Devices, that provides high-quality Design & Verification products and services for ASIC/SOC. 

Verification is a never ending process! You can never be sure that you have verified everything. The aim of verification is risk reduction to the level of practical perfection.
The increase in chip

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