Industry Trend: Evolution of Semiconductor Chip Companies to Complex Product and Service Organizations

February 25, 2015, anysilicon

As technologies advance, the semiconductor industry and its traditional business model face a myriad of ongoing complexities demanding an ever accelerating state of operational agility. The electronics and healthcare markets are experiencing unprecedented change through mass market consumerization and global adoption. For most chip companies, gone are the days of

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Lead Generation in the Semiconductor and IP Industry

February 23, 2015, anysilicon

Failure analysis

Over the last 5 years lead generation has fundamentally changed. Companies used to participate in expensive events and focus mostly on branding activities. But today potential customers have direct access to all the products information they need, things are different.
In other industries, marketing & sales teams understand that their

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The IP Core Distribution Challenge

February 19, 2015, anysilicon

hat comes to mind when you hear the term IP Distribution? How do people like ARM and MIPS get their cores into people’s hands? Pricing, contracts and legal issues? Maybe third-party Web sites like Chip Estimate and Design & Reuse? Yes, they are all factors in how independently developed IP

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The CMOS Image Sensors industry is about to change, with major investment in manufacturing & design

February 12, 2015, anysilicon

The CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) industry reaches US$10B for the first time. Indeed, driven by mobile and automotive applications, the CIS industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2014 – 2020. Yole Développement (Yole) announces a US$16.2B market by 2020 (in value):
“Smartphone applications still take the lion’s

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ASIC design for the IoT

February 09, 2015, anysilicon

As everybody is trying to figure out what the Internet of Things (IoT) will look like and how connected things will work, I’d like to address a question that many people have: why design your own Integrated Circuit (IC) rather than just use an off-the-shelf processor, write software and be done?
In a

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