Are Power Planes Necessary for High Speed Signaling?

April 23, 2015, anysilicon

The performance of a system depends heavily on the communication speed between integrated circuits, which is constrained by the power delivery networks (PDNs). The disruption between the power and ground planes based on the low target impedance concept induces return path discontinuities during data transitions, which create displacement  current  sources

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Beyond RTL part 2: Domain-Specific Languages

April 20, 2015, anysilicon

This is the second part of my “Beyond RTL” series, where I examine alternatives to Register Transfer Level (RTL). The first part talks mostly about High-Level Synthesis, its genesis, and the state of the art of free and commercial tools that transform C/C++/SystemC to RTL. I highlighted the fundamental limitations that these

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Low-Power Design Strategies for Connected Devices

April 16, 2015, anysilicon

This is a guest post from Craig MacKenzie, Staff Design Engineer at Nuvation Engineering,  provider of complex electronic product development and design services.
With the rapid growth of mobile technology and battery-powered devices, power consumption has become an increasingly important metric for electronic products. Designing low-power systems and devices is

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Beyond RTL part 1: High-Level Synthesis

April 13, 2015, anysilicon

Let’s say for a minute that you believe that it is finally time to drop RTL (maybe it was my previous post that convinced you). What can I say? I’m glad! You now have to pick among several competing technologies, each with its pros and cons, each of course claiming to be the best,

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2014 top MEMS Players ranking: Rising of the first MEMS titan

April 08, 2015, anysilicon

With an impressive 20% growth in MEMS revenue compared to 2013, and sales revenues of more than $1.2B, Robert Bosch GmbH is the clear #1. From Yole Développement’s yearly analysis of “TOP 100 MEMS Players”, analysts have released the “2014 TOP 20 MEMS Players Ranking”. This ranking shows the clear

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