SoC Manufacturing and Test Trends

August 25, 2015, anysilicon

Technology Trends
Process technology is progressing at a very fast pace and 16/14nm FinFET- based SOCs are available from various fabless companies. Significant investments in the development of advanced technology nodes are being made to ensure that future demands are met. This makes fab utilization of primary importance.

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The IP licensing business model. A love story.

August 19, 2015, anysilicon

Some months ago my colleague Rys Sommefeldt wrote an article offering his (deeply) technical perspective on how a chip gets made, from R&D to manufacturing. While his bildungsroman production covers a lot of the engineering details behind silicon production, it is light on the business side of things; and that is a

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Comparing Au, Pt, Ag and Cu Wire Bonding

August 17, 2015, anysilicon

With the creeping rise in the price of gold, many microelectronics manufacturing companies have been looking for alternatives to reduce the cost of ball bonding. Recently, the trend has been to look into the use copper wire. However, there are many drawbacks to using copper wire, including the short shelf

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2.5/3.0D packaging: Path Finding

August 12, 2015, anysilicon

“We’re only qualified to 40 degrees …‘what business does anyone even have thinking about 18 degrees, we’re in no man’s land’” analyses from Bob Ebeling Thiokol


This quote was a very costly lesson in US NASA’s Space Shuttle history.  Seven astronauts lost their

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Marketing Tools for Silicon IP Vendors

August 08, 2015, anysilicon

Why You Need to Start Using AnySilicon’s IP Portal
In the past 4 months, AnySilicon has made the first steps into becoming an IP portal — to help both small and medium IP core suppliers with online marketing and lead generation efforts. As a result, AnySilicon platform enables now

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UMC Expects Wafer Shipment to Drop

August 05, 2015, anysilicon

UMC’s CEO, Po-Wen Yen, confirmed the drop of 5% on wafer shipment performance for the third quarter of 2015. The CEO justified this forecast  by referring to a restricted market visibility and to weaknesses in the demand due to the uncertain economic environment. Not only, Po-Wen-Yen mentioned also the inventory

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