Understanding MultiCore Designs

November 30, 2015, anysilicon

Over many years and based upon Moore’s Law, transistor counts have doubled approximately every 24 months as features increase and semiconductor dies grow. This has led to performance increases of 1000x over 20 years with microarchitecture advances and faster transistors.

With the technology, developers obtained

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Verification IP : Changing landscape

November 24, 2015, anysilicon

For decades, EDA industry has been working out options to improve their offerings and ensure silicon success for the semiconductor industry. A few decades back, while the EDA giants were unknown, design automation was exercised individually in every organization developing a product. Gradually these tools moved out of the design

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China to invest $47B to build world leading chip company

November 17, 2015, anysilicon

The Chinese investment company, Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd, plans to invest $ 47 billion in the next five years to become the world largest chipmaker.
In an interview, Chairman Zhao Weiguo hinted Reuters that the next few weeks there could be a purchase deal for a big chip maker in

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Which companies will invest to support Flip Chip growth?

November 16, 2015, anysilicon

Due to the growth of the semiconductor business, the wider adoption of Cu pillar solutions and the introduction of Flip Chip technology for LED and CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) applications, the Flip Chip market is expending. Under this context, more and more industrial companies including OSATs, IDMs IC foundries and

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Top 10 semiconductor Companies – 2015

November 11, 2015, anysilicon

IC Insights will release its November Update to the 2015 McClean Report later this month, and its new 2016 edition of The McClean Report in January.  The November Update will include the latest IC market forecasts by product type through 2019, a detailed forecast for semiconductor industry capital spending by company for 2016, and a ranking of

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Google Will Design a Mobile Phone CPU

November 09, 2015, anysilicon

Google is taking the next necessary steps towards the mobile phone market and plans to start developing and producing CPU chips for enabling a complete mobile phone eco system, to be combined with its successful Android operating systems.

Google has started in recent weeks talks with several processors

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