FPGA vs ASIC, What to Choose?

January 30, 2016, anysilicon

This is a high level article for those who are debating whether to use FPGAs or ASICs and need some technical and commercial insight to help ease the decision process. Both technologies, ASICs and FPGAs are absolutely fantastic and have great benefits but it’s up to you to figure out,

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Verification IP : Build or Buy?

January 28, 2016, anysilicon

Consumerism of electronic products is driving the SoC companies to tape out multiple variants of products every year. Demand for faster, low power, more functionality and interoperability is forcing the industry to come up with standard solutions for different interfaces on the SoC. In past couple of years, tens of new protocols have

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MPWs: Catalyst of IC Production Innovation

January 25, 2016, anysilicon

Necessity is the mother of invention. For the semiconductor industry, the emergence of Multi-Project Wafers (MPWs) is no exception to the rule. This fundamental enabler of affordable IC fabrication emerged in the 1970’s to help university researchers and silicon entrepreneurs prototype their Integrated Circuits (ICs) and demonstrate their work. It

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Top Semiconductor Foundries Capacity 2015-2016 (Infographic)

January 21, 2016, anysilicon

On a yearly basis, AnySilicon provides a snapshot of top semiconductor foundries wafer capacity, based on available data on their website. In our last yearly report , we have presented semiconductor foundries capacity ranking of the top 4 pure-play wafer fabs: TSMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, UMC and SMIC. This year, our report has

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The 2 Easiest Ways to Find IP Cores

January 18, 2016, anysilicon

IP cores availability and quality have become a critical factor to any SoC design success. Engineers have to find and qualify different IP cores quickly and effectively to help boost time to market and reduce the need of unnecessary re-spins.  Moreover, with today’s aggressive time to market demands and the

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Amazon is starting to sell SoCs

January 14, 2016, anysilicon

The semiconductor industry was a bit puzzled last year when Amazon acquired Annapurna Labs (Israel) for $350 million; the analysts believed that Amazon is planning to use Annapurna’s chips in its own data centers. But now it turns out that Amazon is taking advantage of the deal to enter the

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