IDDQ Testing

March 31, 2016, anysilicon

Iddq testing is one of the many ways to test CMOS integrated circuits in production. These circuits are usually tested as a way to find different types of manufacturing faults. Electric faults can be a major hazard and it can even lead to fatalities. This method relies on measuring the

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NVM Express IP for Enterprise SSDs – Overview and Implementation

March 30, 2016, anysilicon

The NVM Express (NVMe) specification has been introduced in 2011. Five years later, it is definitely adopted as the new standard storage interface for Solid-State Drives (SSD). Even if SAS and SATA SSDs are still dominating the market (in unit shipment), the PCIe SSD market share is growing fast and

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Understanding IC Cost

March 28, 2016, anysilicon

There have been many debates around the final cost of an IC. Over the years the misconception and failure to agree on what the calculated IC cost would be. The reason for this is that ICs are a simple concept anymore. Technology moves at an extremely fast pace and chip

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Designing for Power Integrity: Status, Challenges and Opportunities

March 23, 2016, anysilicon

It has been almost two decades since the target impedance concept was first proposed for the design of power distribution networks. Both academia and industry have come a long way since then by proposing solutions for managing power integrity in packages and printed circuit boards (PCB). This paper briefly reviews

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Speed in IC’s : A major concern

March 20, 2016, anysilicon

Firstly let me ask what strikes your mind first when I say performance?
Intel started designing processors with MHz to GHz frequencies (Improving the performance of course, but if we see the advantage there might be some flaws too). Yes serially it was possible to send and receive the data

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TI Factory in Greenock to Close Down or Transfer

March 17, 2016, anysilicon

Hundreds of jobs are under threat after Texas Instrument announced the closure of its Greenock factory.
TI said it would be closing the fab over the next three years, and moving its operations to fabs in Germany, Japan and Maine, in order to save money. Approximately 400 people are

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