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Inomize to present a paper at TSMC OIP Forum in Amsterdam

Inomize, a leading Israeli design services company, will present a paper at TSMC OIP Forum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Monday 23rd July, as well as exhibiting at the OIP Forum and the TSMC Symposium on Tuesday 24th July.


Abstract: Based on TSMC 16n FFC automotive process design of a multi processors System on Chip to be part of autonomous driving solution.


The design aim to meet ASIL B safety level with some specific design island that were qualify to ASIL D. Architecture of the chip supports very high bandwidth from all processors to 2nd level cache and DDR while applying end to end error correction and transaction monitoring with special design of Network on a Chip with safety wrapper on each port whether it is master or slave (85 ports). All on chip memories were design to add check and remove error correction code on data and address with specific flow that aggregates all errors and support in system memory BIST as well as production tests. In order to support layout of a huge design tradeoff of operational frequencies and bus width were done to ensure high yield and performance as well as asynchronous data pipes over long data paths. Secure Boot process that cannot be breached in any test mode and seal all data paths to be open step by step with cryptographic signatures embedded with on chip functional test LBIST and MBIST procedures. Process and temperature monitor to improve safety and reliability during lifetime of the product.



About Inomize:


Inomize is a professional Research & Development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance and power consumption.


Inomize successfully delivers ambitious projects on time and on budget. Inomize gets the maximum out of the available technology and, when necessary, push it to the limits using the latest advancements to meet customer’s project needs. With years of experience and a proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimizes risks of complex hardware design projects.


Established in 2007, Inomize is a fast-growing company and one of the largest ASIC design firms in Israel. Among Inomize’s customers are large international corporations and startup companies from Israel, Europe and North America.


Find out more about Inomize at



TSMC Europe (Amsterdam) Technology Symposium:

July 23th-24th, 2018:

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam, Netherlands



For further information, please contact:

David Wolf

VP Business Development

Inomize Ltd.

Phone:  +972-72-277-5400




HDL Design House Greece Joins HETIA

HDL Design House Greece, provider of digital, analog, and back-end design and verification services and products in numerous areas of SoC, announced membership of the Hellenic Emerging Technologies Industry Association (HETIA), an association of high tech industries to represent the dynamic Greek sector of semiconductors, micro- & nano- electronics.


According to Emmanuel Zervakis, HETIA President “HDL Design House Greece represents the continuously growing Semiconductor Industry in Greece.” He believes that HETIA members will benefit significantly from the international footprint of HDL Design House Greece and new synergies will be created.


“HDL DH Greece team has been rapidly growing since 2016 when the office was founded, and now employs over 30 engineers working on various projects related to SoC implementation for market applications such as automotive, IoT, industrial, consumer electronics, medical and other,” said Mr Predrag Markovic, HDL DH Greece CEO. “We believe that our membership within HETIA will help create collaboration with other local and global members, while participating in the industry’s activities and events. We expect that our HSIA membership will reinforce the further growth of HDL DH Greece and the semiconductor industry in Southeastern Europe. HDL DH Greece will contribute to HETIA with the rich and versatile engineering experience and knowledge” he added.


For more information, please contact Milena Jovanovic,

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Intel to Acquire eASIC

Intel is competing to win in the largest-ever addressable market for silicon, which is being driven by the explosion of data and the need to process, analyze, store and share it. This dynamic is fueling demand for computing solutions of all kinds. Of course Intel is known for world-class CPUs, but today we offer a broader range of custom computing solutions to help customers tackle all kinds of workloads – in the cloud, over the network and at the edge. In recent years, Intel has expanded its products and introduced breakthrough innovations in memory, modems, purpose-built ASICs, vision processing units and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).


FPGAs are experiencing expanding adoption due to their versatility and real-time performance. These devices can be programmed anytime – even after equipment has been shipped to customers. FPGAs contain a mixture of logic, memory and digital signal processing blocks that can implement any desired function with extremely high throughput and very low latency. This makes FPGAs ideal for many critical cloud and edge applications, and Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group revenue has grown double digits as customers use FPGAs to accelerate artificial intelligence, among other applications.


Customers designing for high-performance, power-constrained applications in market segments like wireless, networking and the internet of things (IoT) sometimes begin deployments with FPGAs for fast time-to-market and flexibility. They then migrate to devices called structured ASICs, which can be used to optimize performance and power-efficiency. A structured ASIC is an intermediary technology between FPGAs and ASICs. It offers performance and power-efficiency closer to a standard-cell ASIC, but with the faster design time and at a fraction of the non-recurring engineering costs associated with ASICs.


Today, I’m excited to announce that Intel plans to expand its programmable solutions portfolio to include structured ASICs by acquiring eASIC®, a leading structured ASICs provider headquartered in Santa Clara, California. eASIC has a proven, 19-year success record, leading products and a world-class team, which will join Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group. The addition of eASIC will help us meet customers’ diverse needs of time-to-market, features, performance, cost, power and product life cycles.


This combination brings together the best-in-class technologies from both companies to provide customers with more choice, faster time-to-market and lower development costs. Specifically, having a structured ASICs offering will help us better address high-performance and power-constrained applications that we see many of our customers challenged with in market segments like 4G and 5G wireless, networking and IoT. We can also provide a low-cost, automated conversion process from FPGAs (including competing FPGAs) to structured ASICs.


Longer term, we see an opportunity to architect a new class of programmable chip that takes advantage of Intel’s Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) technology to combine Intel FPGAs with structured ASICs in a system in package solution. Together with partners and customers, Intel and eASIC expect to deliver industry-leading solutions.


We expect to complete the acquisition in the third quarter of 2018 after customary closing conditions are met. We look forward to serving eASIC’s current customers and to offering Intel customers a new solution for unlocking the power of data.



Daniel (Dan) McNamara is corporate vice president and general manager of the Programmable Solutions Group at Intel Corporation.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES Surpasses $2 Billion in Design Win Revenue on 22FDX® Technology

GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced that the company’s 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX®) technology has delivered more than two billion dollars of client design win revenue. With more than 50 total client designs, 22FDX is proving to be the industry’s leading platform for power-optimized chips across a broad range of high-growth applications such as automotive, 5G connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).


For clients who need significant reductions in power and die size relative to a traditional bulk CMOS process, 22FDX offers the industry’s lowest operating voltage, delivering up to 500MHz frequencies at only 0.4 volts. The technology also delivers efficient single-chip integration of RF, transceiver, baseband, processor, and power management components, providing an unparalleled combination of high performance RF and mmWave functionality with low-power, high density logic for devices that require long-lasting battery life, increased processing capability, and connectivity.


“At Synaptics, as we expand upon our industry-leading mobile and PC businesses to include delivering new and innovative products that address the booming IoT market, we require the best available technologies to enable us to deliver top-notch solutions including voice and multimedia processing capabilities for our customers,”  said Rick Bergman, President and CEO at Synaptics. “GF’s 22FDX technology delivers a potent mix of low static and dynamic power along with excellent performance to give us a great platform for our world-class products.”


“The cost of entry for leading processes can be prohibitive to some emerging and startup chip companies,” said Patrick Moorhead, founder and president, Moor Insights & Strategy. “GF’s 22FDX is designed to be an enabling technology that is demonstrating that it is optimal for cost-sensitive, battery-powered devices such as mobile, IoT, automotive, RF connectivity and other growth markets.”


“We’re only just beginning,” said GF CEO Tom Caulfied. “We have found a way to separate ourselves from the pack by emphasizing our differentiated FD-SOI roadmap and client-focused offerings that are poised to enable connected intelligence. We will continue to build on our momentum and look for ways to expand our reach to address the evolving needs of the industry.”


According to a recent VLSI Research SurveyFD-SOI technology is gaining significant traction in the industry. GF’s roadmap strategy is resonating with the industry and designers are embracing FD-SOI as a complementary technology to FinFET, with FD-SOI designed for specific application spaces, such as IoT, where power consumption is important and the product life is relatively short.


GF is leading this transition with 22FDX, while preparing to deliver a next-generation 12FDX™ technology that will provide a full node scaling benefit and improved power efficiency for a new generation of applications, from edge-node artificial intelligence and AR/VR to 5G networking  and advanced driving assistance (ADAS). 22FDX is in early production, with yields and performance matching client expectations.


Supporting Quotes
“Our goal has always been to provide more secure, connected experiences for drivers. Combining our leadership in radar technology with GF’s 22FDX automotive-qualified process, we are able to deliver a cost-effective, high performance, low power solution that opens new opportunities for car manufacturers to provide better experiences for drivers around the world.”
Kobi Marenko, CEO at Arbe Robotics


“GF’s 22FDX technology is perfectly positioned to support the explosive growth of low-power, battery-operated IoT devices. Ask Radio Systems and its parent Singularity AIX Incorporated are developing several proprietary radio IPs and a Convolutional Neural Network core designed around IoT and AI applications, focused on low power and low leakage. The opportunities that are available to exploit additional in-design flexibility, turn down the power and leakage with 22FDX are unparalleled, and you just don’t get that kind of opportunity from bulk CMOS.”
Anup Savla, Founder and CEO at Ask Radio/Singularity AIX


“The automotive industry realizes that assisted driving solutions require more camera information besides Radar and Lidar, integrating information from multiple cameras. The resulting DreamChip multi-core vision processor platform, based on the 22FDX process is providing European auto makers and Tier 1 automotive component suppliers with a platform from which they can create custom derivatives with a massively reduced time to market.”
Jens Benndorf, CEO at Dream Chip Technologies GmbH


“InnoPhase technology enables extremely low power IoT connectivity solutions as well as frequency agile software definable radios for a variety of applications. Our technology strongly utilizes digital techniques in the radio domain, embracing process technology node migration. We see GF’s 22nm FDX offering well aligned with our performance and business needs.  It enables us to further reduce our power consumption, as well as add features and increase performance while maintaining a workable cost structure. Our products demand the digital performance/power/density and complete analog/RF feature set that 22nm FDX provides.”
Claudio Anzil, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at InnoPhase


“With 22FDX, the value proposition for us is the potential power and area savings, two key metrics for our highly optimized LTE NB-IoT and CAT-M chipsets. In addition, leveraging the growing ecosystems of IP available in the 22FDX process helps to accelerate time to market.”
Peter Wong, CEO at Riot Micro


“As our customers increasingly demand more from their mobile experiences, our partnership with GF on its 22FDX technology is critical to differentiate ourselves in the competitive market and deliver powerful and efficient mobile SoCs.”
Min Li, CEO at Rockchip


“22FDX offers the industry an unparalleled solution with its analog/RF integration, body-biasing adaptability, and eMRAM. We are ready to support GF’s design wins and mass market demand through delivering mature FD-SOI substrates across our global manufacturing sites.”
Paul Boudre, CEO at Soitec


“As a pioneer and key supplier of FD-SOI technology, ST has long recognized its importance and role in the palette of process-technology options and we value the cooperation we have with GlobalFoundries in making their 22FDX available to our partners.”
Joël Hartmann, Executive Vice President, Digital Front-End Manufacturing and Technology, STMicroelectronics


“With the proliferation of connected devices for smart cities, homes, and industrial applications, network providers need single-chip solutions that support either NB-IoT or LTE-M. Integrated and superior RF with digital PA on GF’s 22FDX platform, coupled with our energy efficient and programmable ZSPnano for baseband and protocol stack, is enabling a dual-mode solution that will better meet the needs of IoT and emerging AIoT (AI of Things) industries.”
Wayne Dai, Chairman, President and CEO at VeriSilicon


About GF

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a leading full-service semiconductor foundry providing a unique combination of design, development, and fabrication services to some of the world’s most inspired technology companies. With a global manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GLOBALFOUNDRIES makes possible the technologies and systems that transform industries and give clients the power to shape their markets. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is owned by Mubadala Investment Company. For more information, visit


Erica McGill
(518) 795-5240

growth market

RoodMicrotec reports its strongest first half‐year sales in 7 years

RoodMicrotec N.V., the leading independent company for semiconductors supply and quality services, increased its half year sales by 17 percent year‐on‐year due to its strong ordering intake, especially in the areas Test Operations and Supply Chain Management. Within the markets, RoodMicrotec raised its sales in the industrial sector by 17 percent and in the automotive sector by 14 percent compared to the year before. The order backlog continues to be strong.


“The continued double‐digit growth is very encouraging for the future business within RoodMicrotec. Our strategy to move more into long term engagements with our customers is shown to be successful with significant increases in both Test Operations and Supply Chain Management. The cyclical decrease in Qualification and Failure Analysis is an effect of a major increase last year in combination with customer projects now moving in an early industrialization phase”, says Martin Sallenhag, CEO of RoodMicrotec.


RoodMicrotec has decided to merge the Test Engineering unit into the Test Operations unit, since Test Engineering is a supporting function enabling future tests to be performed in Test Operations. Failure & Technology Analysis and Qualification & Reliability Investigations have been merged into the new Qualification & Failure Analysis unit, since they are part of the accredited laboratory and also perform services in these areas.



* Test Engineering maintained its sales compared to the first half of 2017 whereas both Failure & Technology Analysis and Qualification & Reliability Investigations showed a negative change due to cyclical reasons.


RoodMicrotec expects a continuing revenue increase over the next years and projects the revenue in 2020 to be approximately EUR 18 million. The results will continue to improve and the company expects to report yearly positive net result.


About RoodMicrotec


With more than 45 years’ experience as an independent value‐added service provider in the area of micro and optoelectronics, RoodMicrotec offers Fabless Companies, OEMs and other companies a one‐stop shop proposition.


With its powerful solutions RoodMicrotec has built up a strong position in Europe.

Our services comply with the industrial and quality requirements of the high reliability/space, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, industrial and electronics sectors.

Our integrated quality management system is based on international DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. In addition, our quality management is broadly consistent with the Automotive Specification ISO/TS 16949. The company also has an accredited laboratory for test activities and qualification to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.


Its value‐added services include (eXtended) supply chain management and total manufacturing solutions with partners, failure & technology analysis, qualification & burn‐in, test & product engineering, production test (including device programming and end‐of‐line service), ESD/ESDFOS assessment & training and quality & reliability consulting.


RoodMicrotec has branches in Germany (Dresden, Nördlingen, Stuttgart), United Kingdom (Bath) and the Netherlands (Zwolle).


For more information visit

ARM_design partner

Inomize joins Arm Approved Design Partner program

Inomize, one of the global ASIC Design Services leader has joined the Arm Approved Design Partner program . The program provides users of the Arm® DesignStart™ initiative with a global list of audited design houses offering expert support during the development of SoC designs.


“Inomize is thrilled to join the Arm Approved Design Partner program,” commented Inomize CEO, Udi Shaked. “With know-how in advanced, complex CPU and DSP sub-system designs and extensive experience in security and encryption, Inomize are well placed to support Arm customers globally, with an engineering team that has significant expertise in the design and implementation of Arm-based SoCs. In addition, Inomize has experience implementing Arm security IP including Arm® TrustZone® and CryptoCell products. This expertise together with Arm products allows customers to architect a secure ecosystem. As well as the availability of engineering know-how, Inomize provides a flexible business model. Being a TSMC VCA partner, Inomize can tailor make a design and production solution for every specific project need and goal.”


“Arm has worked with Inomize over many years with the support of our local Israel office, and they have joined the Arm Approved Design Partner program through a stringent auditing process,” said Doron Amedey, partner manager Israel, Arm. “The program gives partners the assurance that Inomize offers the highest quality engineering expertise and is following the best processes and standards for the development of Arm-based SoC and security designs.”



About Inomize


Inomize is a professional Research & Development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance and power consumption.


Inomize successfully delivers ambitious projects on time and on budget. Inomize gets the maximum out of the available technology and, when necessary, pushes it to the limit using the latest advancements to meet the customer’s project needs. With years of experience and a proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimize risks of complex hardware design projects.

Established in 2007, Inomize is a fast-growing company and the largest ASIC house firm focused on design . Among Inomize’ customers are large international corporations and start-up companies from Israel, Europe and North America.  Find out more about Inomize at



For further information, please contact:

David Wolf

VP Business Development

Inomize Ltd.

43 Hamelacha Street,

Netanya 4250573;


Phone:  +972-72-277-5400