PLDA and MegaChips announce a cooperation to design PCIe controllers and PCIe PHY IP on TSMC’s 16nm Process Technology

October 30, 2018, anysilicon

PLDA, the industry leader in PCI Express® IP solutions and MegaChips, a global semiconductor company specializing in ASIC Solution Services, today announced their collaboration to design a combined PCIe Controller IP and PHY IP solution. While the combination is currently targeting the TSMC 16nm process, the PCIe Controller/PHY solution will

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Silicon Creations’ Fractional-N PLL Technology Leveraged at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University SoC Lab

October 29, 2018, anysilicon

Silicon Creations, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), today announced that the SoC Lab at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University as part of the HiPer Consortium project has successfully integrated Silicon Creations’ LC and ring PLLs (phase lock loop) intellectual property (IP) in its SoC1 chip implemented in TSMC

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ASIC Design – The Ultimate Guide

October 26, 2018, anysilicon

ASICs stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuits, and refer to semiconductor solutions design for a particular application, as opposed to other solutions like Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) which can be programmed multiple times to perform a different functions. ASIC is also sometimes referred to as SoC (System on Chip). Read More

Probing the Grey Matter

October 26, 2018, anysilicon

A new gold standard for electrical measurement in the emerging in vitro world of three dimensional models. That’s what Swiss medtech 3Brain has established by partnering with CSEM. Its Khíron chip enables fast, accurate intra-tissue measurement and continuous nutrient and oxygen supply through all tissue layers for the first time.

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Advanced Packaging Technologies are key for Semiconductor Innovation

October 25, 2018, anysilicon

“2017 was an unprecedented year for semiconductor industry”, comments Santosh Kumar, Director of Packaging, Assembly and Substrates at Yole Korea, part of Yole Développement (Yole). “The market grow by 21.6% year-to-year to reach record of almost US$412 billion”. Under this dynamic context, the advanced packaging industry is playing a key role, offering huge opportunities of

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Sankalp Semiconductor Expands its Design Centre in Hubli

October 22, 2018, anysilicon

Sankalp Semiconductor, a design service company offering comprehensive digital & mixed signal SoC services and solutions, on 17th Oct inaugurated its design centre in Hubli. Shri Shivendra Gupta, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Shri Manish Kasodekar, Assistant Commissioner, Income Tax, and Shri Vivek G Pawar, CEO of Deshpande Foundation inaugurated

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