The Case for Developing Custom Analog

July 21, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post by S3 Group that provides design, verification and implementation of the most complex IC solutions.

Increasingly, product managers are considering a custom Analog SoC as an effective way to drastically reduce BOM costs. What would have been considered a radical product innovation just a few years ago, is now viewed as a viable route as even where product volumes are considered low NRE costs can in fact be recovered in short period of time.  Innovative SoC solutions are challenging but the benefits are compelling where risk can be mitigated by choosing a development partner with a clear understanding of all the system components and of the various technology options for the SoC implementation. In a recently issued paper, S3 Group’s experts talk about the advantages of custom SoCs and build a strong business case for investment in a SoC development.


Click here to read the white paper:


White Paper: The Case for Developing Custom Analog



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