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Google Will Design a Mobile Phone CPU

Google is taking the next necessary steps towards the mobile phone market and plans to start developing and producing CPU chips for enabling a complete mobile phone eco system, to be combined with its successful Android operating systems.

Google has started in recent weeks talks with several processors

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Rambus is Changing Business Model

After years of legal struggles and law suits fights to defend their patents, Rambus decided to change its business model and enter into the market with its own brand.
Founded in 1990, Rambus was born to develop high-speed DRAM memory chips licensed to third companies that insert them into

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SoC Manufacturing and Test Trends

Technology Trends
Process technology is progressing at a very fast pace and 16/14nm FinFET- based SOCs are available from various fabless companies. Significant investments in the development of advanced technology nodes are being made to ensure that future demands are met. This makes fab utilization of primary importance.

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How to Design and Make a Custom Analog IC in 44 Days

Recently we worked with a customer that had an urgent need to get a custom analog ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) developed in a very short time. The customer needed a completely working system in the first quarter of 2015. Working backwards from their system schedule they realized that they

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My Golden Rule for Chip Production Testing

Chip production testing is probably the most underestimated task by ASIC development engineers. And yet, testing is an essential step with a direct impact on final chip cost.
Let’s start with the basics. Testing of chips is necessary because the chip manufacturing process cannot provide 100% yield. Silicon foundries

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Die Per Wafer (free) Calculator – trusted by GF and Amkor


Calculating the number of Dies Per Wafer (DPW) is a very simple and straight forward task. It’s actually based on basic high school mathematics which are related to circle area formula, remember Pi?
Silicon dies which are placed on a wafer can also be described as many

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