Faraday’s SoCreative!V™ Platform Accelerates SoC Development in Edge Applications

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, today announced its SoCreative!V SoC development platform based upon Faraday’s A500 SoC in UMC’s 28HPC process. The platform features an ARM Cortex-A53 Quad core with up to 1.4GHz clock rate; delivering an all-in-one solution with multiple, extendable, high-speed interfaces addressing current market demands for high-performance computing applications, such as 5G, networking, AIoT, High-Def Projectors, Multimedia, and MFP.


With the introduction of the SoCreative!V Platform, Faraday provides numerous integrated high speed interfaces including DDR4, USB 3.0 OTG, PCIe gen3 and Gigabit Ethernet. Customers can extend design options, adding additional features by connecting SoCreative!V to a separate FPGA board containing their own unique IP through the built-in C2C (chip-to-chip) interface.


Boosting time-to-market performance, SoCreative!V enables system software development in early stage with a comprehensive software package including boot code and Linux based BSP (board support package). In response to the abundance of threats present in today’s system environments, the platform also facilitates secure boot and multiple schemes for secure system booting and application software protection.


“Faraday’s SoCreative!V is a mature platform comprising a complete hardware evaluation system and software development package; it has been adopted in many design projects with great success ,” said Flash Lin, COO of Faraday Technology. “With these well-built and flexible system-level solutions, I believe the platform can drastically accelerate our Customers complex SoC development cycles enabling them to capitalize on their immediate market opportunities and those in the future,” he added.


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About Faraday Technology Corporation

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035) is a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, certificated to ISO 9001 and ISO 26262. The broad silicon IP portfolio includes I/O, Cell Library, Memory Compiler, ARM-compliant CPUs, LPDDR4/4X, DDR4/3, MIPI D-PHY, V-by-One, USB 3.1/2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, SATA3/2, PCIe Gen4/3, and 28G programmable SerDes, etc. Headquartered in Taiwan, Faraday has service and support offices around the world, including the U.S., Japan and China. For more information, visit www.faraday-tech.com or follow Faraday on LinkedIn.

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