Kilopass Anti-Fuse NVM OTP IP Designed into Tire Pressure Sensor SoC Manufactured on TSMC 55LP Process Node Now Shipping in High Volume

August 30, 2017, anysilicon

Kilopass Technology Inc., the leading provider of semiconductor logic anti-fuse one-time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP), today announced that its high capacity OTP NVM is designed into a tire pressure sensor (TPS) system on chip (SoC) that will be shipping in high volume. The chip is being manufactured on the TSMC 55LP (low power) nm process node. Meeting the standards defined by Automotive Electronic Council AEC-Q100, the Kilopass OTP NVM provides program code storage for the TPS that is expected to increase demand as new applications beyond automotive adopt the technology.


“The tire pressure sensor is one of a number of automotive designs that have adopted Kilopass’ anti-fuse OTP NVM that will soon begin shipping in high volume,” said Linh Hong, Vice President and General Manager of OTP Division at Kilopass Technology Inc. “For this application Kilopass IP brings an enhanced level of security against the type of well-known tampering cases where hackers took control of an automobile’s electronics by gaining access through the TPS. The Kilopass memory is highly resistant to passive attacks that read the electro-magnetic signature of a circuit. The memory content is also nearly invisible to physical probing using scanning electron microscope techniques.”


Pressure Sensors Applications
The pressure sensor market is expected to be worth $9.48 Billion by 2020 according to the MarketsandMarkets report “Pressure Sensor Market – Global Forecast to 2020.” The research firm stated, “The demand for pressure sensors is expected to increase in the automotive industry owing to their growing usage in oil pressure monitoring, fuel pressure monitoring, nitrous pressure monitoring, transmission pressure monitoring, and tire pressure monitoring. Additionally, pressure sensors are also used in the airbag systems of vehicles.”


The report declared, “governments all over the world are mandating various acts to ensure safety of passengers in their automobiles. For instance, the TREAD Act in the U.S. has made installation of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) mandatory in all types of vehicles to warn drivers about tire under-inflation within 20 minutes of its detection. Similarly, on November 1, 2012, the European Union issued instructions that all new passenger car models must be equipped with TPMS. These safety regulations have provided an impetus to the growth of the global pressure sensor market.”


Kilopass NVM OTP IP for Automotive Market
Kilopass products are going through the required flows and processes to achieve compliance with the three major automotive standards:


  • Total Quality Management as per ISO/TS 16949
  • Functional Safety requirements as per ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) defined in ISO 26262
  • Product Reliability as per the Automotive Electronic Council AEC-Q100.


About Kilopass
Kilopass Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of embedded NVM intellectual property using qstandard logic CMOS processes to deliver one-time programmable (OTP) and few-time programmable (FTP) memory. With more than 60 patents granted or pending and more than 3 million wafers shipped from a dozen foundries and Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs), Kilopass has 150 customers in applications ranging from storage of firmware and security codes to calibration data and other application-critical information. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit www.kilopass.com or email info@kilopass.com.


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