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August 08, 2015, anysilicon

Why You Need to Start Using AnySilicon’s IP Portal


In the past 4 months, AnySilicon has made the first steps into becoming an IP portal — to help both small and medium IP core suppliers with online marketing and lead generation efforts. As a result, AnySilicon platform enables now ASIC designs and managers to make smart decisions in early stage of any silicon project in search of both semiconductor service providers and IP core suppliers.


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As the “last mover” in the IP portal domain, AnySilicon’s IP portal was built using various inputs from IP vendors, and learning from the existing solutions in the market. One of the most consistent feedback from IP vendors was regarding membership price which is already proven feature of AnySilicon website.



Top 5 Things You can Get from AnySilicon’s IP portal today!


Free IP listing

AnySilicon is still the cheapest and most affordable marketing and lead generation platform.  IP suppliers have a range of membership plans starting from free membership up to Gold membership. Get listed today here.


Dedicated Vendor Page

A dedicated vendor page lets you present your IP offering with visuals and additional material such as case studies, white papers, contact information and your social media handle. Your company information is embedded into our site search engine, allowing visitors searching for IP cores to find your vendor page using free text or by clicking on the pre-defined categories.


Qualified Leads

Compared to other websites, AnySilicon allows ASIC engineers and managers to browse our vendor directory and use the search tool without exposing their name. AnySilicon respect users privacy and therefore, users feeling more comfortable exploring and discovering IP cores on AnySilicon’s platform. Users are today more concern about their privacy and activity on the web so in the long run; this capability will bring more and more users to the platform.


Awareness and Branding

We help increasing your company profile and awareness via several marketing channels. We promote your company to our readers via our site, newsletter and social networks in a regular manner. This brings focus to your company products, logo and messaging. Links from your AnySilicon profile page to your website improves your website SEO ranking and bring more traffic to your website.


Cost Effective

Promoting your IPs AND services in one platform is the best way to reduce your marketing expenses cost and unnecessary overhead. Using AnySilicon platform to promote both IPs and semiconductor services in one marketing platform to save cost of double listing and the hassle of updating several platforms.



Want to learn more about AnySilicon membership plans that you can start using right away to engage with customers? Read more here. We’d love to help.


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