AI Accelerator IP Core

While artificial intelligence used to be a mere buzzword just a few years ago, it has since then become one of the leading disruptors in most if not all industries and commercial spaces. With the quick evolution and growth of artificial intelligence in recent times, more and more hardware accelerators are being developed and released to further expand the world of machine learning. Accelerators are needed to speed up the completion of various tasks pertaining to AI and machine learning workloads.


What is an AI Accelerator IP Core


An AI Accelerator IP core is basically a hardware accelerator that helps to accelerate various artificial intelligence applications such as machine learning, machine vision, and artificial neural networks. These accelerators are provided as IP cores and can be used across a number of ASIC applications, including but not limited to smartphones, servers and cars.


These are essentially IP cores for application specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, that are much more efficient than GPUs and FPGAs to accomplish AI related tasks. The IP cores is provided as a softcore and thereafter can be integrated into any RTL code.


AI Accelerators Applications


One of the latest and most exciting applications of AI Accelerators is in the field of robotics where AI accelerator technology is being used in drones and vehicles that are able to drive and operate on their own without any human intervention or assistance, as well as the creation of smart appliances that are intuitive and able to cater to your every need with minimum input from your end. Another significant application of AI Accelerators lies in Automotive. Nvidia is currently making use of enhanced AI Accelerators in order to enable their ASICs to handle dozens of tasks.


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