Adveos Microelectronic Systems


ADVEOS is an IC design service provider that develops custom solutions for two of today’s market hottest sectors:


  • RF/mmWave systems
  • Sensor applications


Our goal is to provide top quality IC design services and help our customers achieve first pass success tapeouts on schedule and within budget through win-win partnerships.


ADVEOS core team brings along decades of experience in the semiconductor industry and possesses a proven track record and a strong background in the design of ICs for numerous applications such as mobile, Wi-Fi, mmWave systems (microwave backhaul, satellite communications, etc.), high speed communication systems, sensors and many more.


ADVEOS engineers have delivered successful designs in a wide range of SiGe BiCMOS and CMOS technologies ranging from 0.35 um down to 16 nm.


RF/mmWave IC Design Services

  • RF and mmWave Design
  • Rx/Tx Front Ends, LO Distribution, Power Detectors, IF Amplifiers, Upconversion Mixers, IF Amplifiers, Calibration Loops
  • PLL System Design – Modelling (Integer-N, Fractional-N)
  • PLL Circuits Design
  • Charge Pumps, Dividers, PFDs, XΟs, Prescalers
  • LC-VCOs, Ring Oscillators, Injection-Locked Oscillators
  • Coupled PLL Arrays, Coupled Oscillator Arrays for Phased-Arrays, Multi Phase Generation
  • SerDes, CDRs
  • Multi Gigabit High Speed Interface Systems
  • RF Amplifiers

Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Services

  • Analog-to-Digital, Digital-to-Analog Converter Design
  • Baseband Filters
  • Bandgaps
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Biasing Circuits
  • Custom CMOS Digital Design for SPIs

Digital IC Design Services

• Digital – Mixed Signal ASIC Design

• Full Digital Design Flow (from specification to GDSII)

• RTL Design and Verification

• Synthesis

• Place and Route

• Post Synthesis, Post Layout and Mixed Signal Simulation

• Formal Verification

• FPGAs and DSPs

Layout Services

Highly experienced Layout design services for RF, analog and mixed signal designs.

Hybrid X/Gamma-Ray Imaging Readout Electronics

  • Topologies: Charge integration,  Photon counting, Time over Threshold
  • Charge Amplifiers
  • Shapers
  • Peak Detectors
  • Time to Voltage Converters

Sensor/MEMS interfacing

ADVEOS design team specialties comprehensively cover the following areas:

  • Capacitive sensor interfaces, such as pressure sensors, humidity sensors, accelerometers
  • Switched capacitor amplifiers and S&H blocks
  • Sigma-Delta (ΣΔ) modulators
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • RC Oscillators
  • Resistive sensor interfaces: Wheatstone bridge readout
  • Temperature sensors
  • Successive approximation AD converters